File Downloads
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Damage Report Field Form eng fra Field Form for collection of all the data elements in this application's Damage Report form. Revised 9-1 of best practices, in Portable Document Format (PDF) for easy printing. Requires Adobe Acrobat.
DOCX DOC This editable version of the Damage Report Field Form is provided for the benefit of those companies which may want to adapt this form for their specific needs, while maintaining the data needed for DIRT
User Guide eng fra The USER'S GUIDE is intended to assist users of the DIRT in selecting the proper entries as the form or computer entry is completed. This will help ensure that individuals submitting reports have a common understanding of the data fields, which in turn will make analysis of the data more useful and meaningful. New registrants are encouraged to read this entire document prior to submitting data. Experienced data reporters are encouraged to refer to the USER'S GUIDE as needed.
DIRT Annual Reports Download Stakeholders throughout the U.S. have voluntarily provided the data for analysis in this report. CGA has collected and summarized the data and published this report to fulfill its previously stated purpose and to facilitate improvements in safety and damage prevention efforts. CGA DIRT Analysis and Recommendations For all prior Calendar Years are now available for download.
Virtual Private DIRT - Overview PDF Virtual Private DIRT is your own version of DIRT customized for your company or organization. It starts with all the data fields in DIRT North American and then allows you to create additional "Flex Fields" to capture data that is applicable only to you. The visual appearance of the screens can be customized with four of your company's or organization's colors so that it is consistent with the rest of your applications. Download the overview to learn more.
DIRT Security Whitepaper PDF The goal of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) is to provide a North-America-wide collection point for the reporting of underground damages. The tool is designed for use by both small and large companies to enter one or many damage reports in a secure fashion. Download the document to learn more about DIRT's secure data center and it's multi-tiered secured network.
DIRT Confidentiality Policy PDF The Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) is a CGA electronic communications tool by which any person or entity, regardless of whether they are members of CGA (participants), may report damage to underground utilities to CGA. CGA has adopted the following policy with respect to information reported by individual participants to CGA using DIRT that identifies such individual participants (individual participant data).

Videos & Screencasts
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Registration Flash/Web How-to video: Registration
Web Data Entry Flash/Web How-to video: Web Data Entry
Automated Data Loader Flash/Web How-to video: Automated Data Loader (ADL)
Profile & Password Flash/Web How-to video: Profile & Password
Manager Tasks Flash/Web How-to video: Manager Tasks
Data Grants & Query Wizard Flash/Web How-to video: Data Grants & Query Wizard