DIRT North America 8.0.1 Software Patch - Sandbox & Production
January 26, 2018

   o Fixed Feedback Id #14607607 "Access Annual Reports" has links to 2016 reports and Excel file
   o Fixed Feedback Id #15062535 
     - Main Menu -> Downloads
       changed "Confidentiality and Security Whitepapers" to 
       "Security Whitepaper and Confidentiality Policy."
     - Left Navigation changed "DIRT Confidentiality Memo" to "DIRT Confidentiality Policy"
     - DIRT Confidentiality Policy added to downloads

DIRT North America 8.0 Final Software Release - Production
December 30, 2017 thru January 1, 2018 and Live on January 2, 2018

 DIRT 8.0 Live at www.cga-dirt.com!

DIRT North America 8.0 Gold Master Software Release - Sandbox
December 18, 2017

   o Release and Final testing by large/medium/small submitters
   o Developer support on Id #15247987 for DIRT Webinar

DIRT North America 8.0 Beta III Software Release - Sandbox
November 14, 2017

   o Fully functional on Sandbox and demonstration to all DIRT Stakeholders. 
     Testing with large data sets. 

DIRT North America 8.0 Beta II Software Release - Sandbox
October 2, 2017

   o Bug fixes and mods based on frozen beta and previous public alpha on Sandbox. 

DIRT North America 8.0 Feature Freeze Beta Software Release - Sandbox
September 01, 2017

   o Testing with medium to large data sets. 

DIRT North America 8.0 Alpha Public Software Release 2 - Sandbox
August 01, 2017

  o Bug Fixes based on subcommittee & user feedback.

DIRT North America 8.0 Alpha Public Software Release 1 - Sandbox
July 01, 2017

  o Bug Fixes based on subcommittee & user feedback.

DIRT North America 8.0 Alpha Internal Software Release - Sandbox
June 13, 2017

   Major revisions to DIRT Web Form, Automated Data Loader and XML Uploader as 
   described in Prop2016B-r02.  
   o New Features
     - 1. Eliminate Data Not Collected
     - 2. STAKEHOLDER_GROUP column becomes ORIG_EVENT_SOURCE in the CSV. In XML,
          the stakeholderGroup attribute becomes origEventSource.
     - 3. Unchanged specification - “Who is providing the information” is filled 
          in automatically.
     - 4. (same)
     - 5. Unchanged specification – section names in XML “dateLocationInfo” will 
     - 6. Type of Event – Add to CSV ADL specification (already in v1 XML). 
          Update labeling for
          Underground to Underground Damage and will add Underground Near Miss.
     - 7. Unchanged specification – the “Datum” field will not be added. The 
          existing XML specification indicates only WGS84 Latitude/Longitude 
          coordinates are supported.
     - 8. Accuracy of Latitude/Longitude location will be removed from the XML 
          specification.  Latitude/Longitude will be added to the ADL specification.
     - 9. Sewer will be used in the DIRT specification rather than Sewer 
          (Sanitary / Storm).
     - 10. New field ONECALL_EXEMPT added to the ADL specification after 
           ONECALL_MEMBER.  For XML, wasOnecallExempt added to XML specification 
           after wasOnecallMember.
     - 11. New field WAS_CROSSBORE added to the ADL specification after 
           EXCAVATION_TYPE.  For XML, wasCrossbore attribute added to 
           excavationInfo tag.
     - 12. New fields FACILITY_DEPTH and DEPTH_UNIT added to the ADL 
           specification after FAC_AFFECTED. Attributes for depth and depthUnit 
           will be added for XML. 
           (Embedded in concrete/asphalt pavement
           (0” / 0m); <18” (0.5m); 18” – 36” (0.5-1m); >36 (>1m)).
     - 13. New value “BULLDOZER” added to ADL specification EXCAVATION_TYPE and 
           XML specification excavationInfo tag’s excavationType attribute.
     - 14. Consolidation of parts E and F to a single Notification and Locating 
           section should have a minimal effect on the ADL specification and the 
           LOCATE_ORG column to remain unchanged. For the XML specification, 
           the notificationInfo and locatingInfo tags shall be consolidated into 
           a single notificationLocatingInfo tag. The ONECALL_CENTER column
           will be eliminated from the ADL specification and the onecallCenter 
           attribute eliminated from the notificationInfo tag in the XML spec. 
           The FAC_MARKS_VISIBLE and FAC_MARKS_CORRECT fields will be eliminated 
           from the ADL spec. The wasMarkingVisible and wasMarkingCorrect 
           attributes will be eliminated from the XML spec.
     - 15. Addition of EXCAV_EXEMPT field to the ADL specification and 
           excavExempt to the new notificationLocatingInfo tag. Shall take a 
           boolean value true/false.
     - 16. Suggested ranges for the ADL and XML specifications’
           EXCAVATOR_DOWN_COST/excavatorDownCostUSD fields will be updated to 
           match proposed change ($0; $1 to 1000; $1,001 to 5,000; $5,001 to 
           25,000; $25,001 to 50,000;>$50,000). The ADL and XML services will 
           continue to accept exact numeric values.
     - 17. XML specification for part=”H” will be updated to use 
           “interruptRestoreInfo” instead of damageDescriptionInfo. No change 
           required for the section labeling for ADL.  The WAS_FAC_DAMAGED field 
           will be eliminated from the ADL specification and wasFacDamaged 
           attribute eliminated from the XML specification.
     - 18. Suggested ranges for the ADL and XML specifications’
           OUTAGE_HOURS/numOutageHours will be updated to match proposed change 
           (< 1 hr; 1 to 6 hrs; 6 to 12 hrs; 12 to 24 hrs; 1 to 2 days; > 2 days). 
           The ADL and XML services will continue to accept exact numeric values.
     - 19. Suggested ranges for the ADL and XML specifications’ 
           RESTORAL_COST/restoralCostUSD fields will be updated to match 
           proposed change ($0; $1 to 1000; $1,001 to 5,000;
           $5,001 to 25,000; $25,001 to 50,000;>$50,000). The ADL and XML 
           services will continue to accept exact numeric values.
     - 20. ADL and XML specifications will be updated to the final committee 
           approved list of root causes for the DAMAGE_CAUSE ADL/rootCause XML 
           fields. Numeric IDs and abbreviations will be created or all new 
           values. The ADL and XML loaders have always only accepted a 
           single-level field.

   o Bug Fixes & Performance adjustments

DIRT North America Software Release 7.2 - June 14, 2016

   o New Features - DIRT Admin Tools 2015C
     - Collapsible panel for unapproved registrants
       - Screen now remembers collapse, selected application and selected 
         organization as opposed to losing this session data on each page load
     - Super Administrator Only
       - Delete Application Member (without Damage Reports attached)
       - Delete single incident report (soft delete (shadow deleted and can be
       - Migrate existing user between DIRT instances 
     - Added more responsive design styles updated
     - Shadow tables introduced into DIRT Data Model required for Delete of 
       Damage Reports and Bulk Data Loads.  Includes Damage Report, 
       Attachment File(s), Flex Field Values (VPDs), Source System Identity
   o Bug Fixes & Performance adjustments
     - Fix bad password count/reset issues for DIRT Application Administrators
     - Fix performance issues when moving a dataload and dataload_log rows to 
       shadow tables before deleting (r:3447)
     - Fix Add Registrant (r:3476)
     - Fix "Reference error: Can't find variable doSignIn" on releaseNotes on
       JSPs other than login (r:3478)

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.7 - March 7, 2016

   o Form Validation 0.7.1 
   o "Live DQI" (Damage Report Form) now working and will start testing
   o Delete File Upload demonstrated and will start testing

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.6 - January 05, 2016

   o DIRT 7.1.6 released to Sandbox (r:596) with applied fixes
     -  Fixed lat/long validation and translation between decimal degrees and dms
     -  Fixed layout issues on iPhone and iPad
     -  Fixed Damage Report Exact Value input validation
     -  Added Gas Distribution annual reports 

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.5 - December 20, 2015

   o CSS Styling group change applied to to Damage Report screen for better 
     alignment with iOS and Android
   o DIRT North America and Virtual Private DIRT instances moved to Docker 
     containers with Java 1.8.0 Open JDK 
   o Damage Report Form layout now ported to Bootstrap with display issues 

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.4 - November 02, 2015

   o Replaced submission deadline text with annual report text.  
   o Security patches applied for Struts 1.3.10 DIRT Framework (CVE-2015-0899)
     and compiled with Java 1.6 compatibility.
   o CGA Common framework version incremented to 1.4.6 as reflected by security
   o Damage Report Form updated to Responsive Design as part of Prop2013B 
   o Damage Report Form validation applied to responsive design
     - Validation turned off on City, Address, Intersection

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.3 - August 19, 2015

   o Updates to annual report site and DIRT sandbox/production links for new
     annual report and summary data (r:583)
   o SSl Certificates (r:584)

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.2 - April 8, 2015

   o Fix Chrome Browser (Version 41) issue which rejects JavaScript loading over
     HTTP connection.  Converted ReCaptcha to run over HTTPS.
   o SourceGas Virtual Private DIRT (specific)
     - Data Model revisions to handle State -> Division -> City update
   o Add Authorized-Only index screen for handling downloads of data between
     DIRT Software Engineers and Data Analysts.
   o DIRT 7.1.2 upgraded application servers
   o HTTP links corrected for 2012 and 2011 reports (r:574)

DIRT North America Software Patch Release 7.1.1 - March 12, 2015

   DIRT 7.1.1 addresses the issues where links and buttons became inoperable as a
   result of Bootstrap Framework (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) incompatibility prior
   to Bootstrap v3.2.0 not being compatible with with the original User Interface
   (UI) technology previously used. 

   o Re-write of DIRT Query Wizard charting (pie & bar) for:
     - Fix RPT03:Breakdown by Category - Pie
     - Fix RPT04:Breakdown by Category - Bar
     - Fix RPT05:Cross tab by two variables - Bar
   o Re-write of DIRT Data Grants
     - Fix Provide New Grant 
       - Fix From "My Organization" to data receiving organization.
       - Fix Share identity
       - Fix Geo Limit and User Limit
     - Change Status
       - Fix Window display and Cancel of wanting to Disable a Data Grant
         with warning message explaining that a data grant exists.
     - View List
       - Fix List Granting Organizations display 
       - Fix Remove Grant action
     - Request New Data Grant
       - Fix pull down menus for:
         - Choose State/Province
         - Choose by Stakeholder Group 
       - Fix check boxes for:
         - Share my contact info 
         - Request Identity
    o Minor screen link layout changes for Support and Data Committee links
    o Fixes for DIRT 101 and DIRT FAQ 
    o Added 2014 Data Submissions (Red) section on Login screen
    o Additional fixes to stabilize File Upload Delete 
    o Fix javascript reload for Country/Province/County so that if a validation error
      occurs the form does not lose track of those fields on reload.  Reported by ORCGA.
    o Fix query wizard layout issue with content body showing up below left nav bar
      rather than prominently in the main area of the screen.  Reported by ORCGA.
    o Dashboard screen - clean up layout to be printable and show space between numbers.

DIRT North America 7.1 - October 16, 2014

   The DIRT Interface Team submitted a set of enhancement documents that address
   content areas, proposed layout, and navigational enhancements, based on:

   o DIRT Interface Request.docx (Author: Gloria Grev & Interface Team)
   o DIRT Home Page.docx (Author: Donna Williams & Interface Team).

   The DIRT Software Engineering Team has implemented a Responsive Design transition
   to the DIRT web application, Virtual Private DIRT instances, and Single-Sign-On

   o Master headers, footers, and standard layout framework
   o Introduction of “hockey stick” layout and navigation controls
   o Introduce mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android) responsive support for layout and navigation.
   o Migrate DIRT Users Guide to Google Docs for Live Updates that do not require software
     application releases and can be updated independent of a developer.
   o Newly contributed content pages added (FAQ, DIRT 101, Root Cause Tip Card, News)
   o Description pages added for CGA DIRT North America & Virtual Private DIRT
   o Introduction of Training & Resource Documents areas to replace current Downloads.

   This introduced a replacement of the current www.cga-dirt.com login screen, logout screen,
   and Main Menu. The current CGA Single Sign-On screen at identity.cga-dirt.com will
   also be replaced/updated to reflect the change requests.

   o More support for French Canadian localization.

DIRT North America 7.0 - November 10, 2013

   o Updated Registration Process Flow and Login Page
     - New Responsive Design to Login and Registration pages.
     - Based on "Bootstrap" user interface for updated look and feel and
       multiple device types (desktop, tablet, mobile)
     - New Workflow for Registration process to help choose the correct
       Virtual Private DIRT or CGA DIRT North America instance based on
       a simple wizard walk-through of choices.
     - Shorten list of DIRT Application Instances to only those the user is
       authorized to log into.
     - Updated Forgot Password user interface
     - Updated Feedback user interface including Browse and Edit
   o Switch to "cga-dirt.com" as primary domain name for all web interfaces
   o New mechanism to associate Virtual Private DIRT Instances with:
     - Countries
     - States/Provinces
     - Stakeholder Groups
     - Companies/Organizations
   o Add ReCaptcha form handling to FeedbackAction before sending out email.
   o Fix issue with Attachment handling in DIRT Web Service interface

DIRT North America 6.2.3 - February 02, 2013

   o Bug fixes and performance improvements
     - Power Query Wizard Cross-Tab improvements
     - Edit Profile save error
     - Fuzzy match finder performance and memory usage improvements
     - IE8/IE9 bugfix for damageReport mapping window
     - IE8/IE9 damageReport form validation error fixes
   o DIRT Web Service improvments
     - Improved sample data and sample SOAP request
   o Data updates
     - QC administrative regions/county support changes
   o ORCGA Excel Web Query export support

DIRT North America 6.2.2 - March 18, 2012

   o DIRT North America and Virtual Private DIRT release to production
     - Gas Technology Institute www.cga-dirt.com/gti
     - British Columbia CGA www.cga-dirt.com/bc
   o French locale updates
     - French DIRT Users Guide made available for download
     - French DIRT Field-Form made available for download
   o Australia locale updates
     - Re-factored Australia support after meeting with Australian customer
       - Australian States now include:
         - Australian Capital Territory
         - New South Wales
         - Northern Territory
         - Queensland
         - South Australia
         - Tasmania
         - Victoria
         - Western Australia
     - AU now available for locale switch from application masthead
     - County Label now dynamic for Canadian, Australian, and United States Users:
       - Canada:SK,MB, NL now displays "Division" for County Label 
       - Canada:AB now displays "Municipal District" for County Label
       - Canada:BC now displays "Regional District" for County Label
       - Canada:NT, NU, YT now displays "District" for County Label
       - Australia: County Label displays "Local Government Area"
       - United States: Displays County Label as "County"
     - Australia "Counties" now loading and referenced as "Local Government Area"
       - The change is reflected for any user registered in DIRT with Australia as their country.
     - AU One Call Center added as "Dial Before You Dig - Australia"
       - All Australian States mapped to single AU One Call Center
     - Damage Report Form (web-based submissions) now update dynamically to reflect
       Australian phone number format, Australian postal code format.
     - Registration process for Australian users can now select Australia as their country
       and include their native postal code and phone number formats.
o Google Maps 
     - Update Google Maps API to use the v3 API.  
     - Switch to loading Google API over secure socket layer https* as opposed to http.
o DIRT XML Web Service
     - The returned dataloadResult tag will now include its dataloadId and appMemberId
       values correctly according to the schema.  (Please note it's important to preserve the
       incidentReport "uuid" attribute, since that is what will enable an update by submitting
       an updated incidentReport with the same uuid -- the dataloadId is not examined in that case).
     - for intersection locations, street1 now gets set as the address and street2 gets set as
       the intersection. Thanks for catching that error.
     - Web service dataload filenames are now given a timestamp in UTC for their name,
       like WSXMLyyyyMMddtHHmmss.SSSZ.xml
       (Special thanks to PA1CALL (Donna) for flexing the web service enough to find this gap)

DIRT North America 6.2.1 - January 18, 2012

   o DIRT North America and Virtual Private DIRT release to production
     - Eng, Fra DIRT Field Forms made available for download
     - Australia support added to Damage Report functionality complete with
       Australia Country addition and associated County and One Call Center 

DIRT North America 6.2 - December 12, 2011

   o DIRT North America and Virtual Private DIRT major release to production
     - New XML Web-Service for data loading 
       - Inherits DIRT 6.0 QA Release Notes
       - Inherits DIRT 6.0.2 QA Release Notes
     - New ClickToGeocode Google Maps integration into Damage Report
       - Map Location available in Part B: Date and Location of the event
     - New Latitude/Logitude handling 
       - Lat/Long available in Part B: Date and Location of the event
     - New Part Z: (non-CGA) Images and Attachments for Damage Report
     - New PowerReports Annual Report Generator (exclusive to ORCGA VPD)
     - New French language translations (contributed by Quebec CGA)

DIRT North America 6.0.2 - November 2, 2011 (Sandbox QA Release)

   o XML Web Service Authentication and Authorization
     - New XML Authentication screen available via File Upload link on Main Menu
     - Add Authentication Key: Description, Credentials, Expiration
     - Registrant able to produce one or more authentication keys
     - Authentication key allows for loading XML data into given organization
     - Authentication Key(s) can be modified (e.g. Description, Expiration)
     - Authentication key(s) can be revoked
     - Key + Secret token generation per registrant on behalf of organization
     - Sample XML data provided (key replacement required)

DIRT North America 6.0.1 - September 8, 2011

   o Google Maps integration into DIRT online form for Click To GeoCode

DIRT North America 6.0 - March 8, 2011

   o WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) created:
            Element	Defines
            	The data types used by the web service
               The messages used by the web service
            	The operations performed by the web service
            	The communication protocols used by the web service
   o XML schema document produced.
           - defines data types for elements and attributes
           - defines elements that can appear in a document
           - defines attributes that can appear in a document
           - defines which elements are child elements
           - defines the order of child elements
           - defines the number of child elements
           - defines whether an element is empty or can include text
           - defines data types for elements and attributes
           - defines default and fixed values for elements and attributes
   o Localization/Translation Workflow (Ongoing effort) software complete (Fr, En)
           - Uses software to push local properties file (containing key/value)
             to Google Docs online (secured and accessible only by DIRT Engineers
             and Quebec translation team.  Changes to development trigger update to
             online spreadsheet and vice-versa.  Emails advise of changes made.
   o Source Identifier and Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)

   o Bug Fixes
           - Identity Server now allows pressing enter key (in addition to pressing
             the Login button) after supplying password for logging in.
           - Fixed ConstraintViolationException fixed in 'Request New Data Grant'
             functionality within Data Grants 5.6/6.0
           - Fixed Java.lang.Object; cannot be cast to org.cga.common.bean.AppMember
             when using Data Grants 5.6/6.0
           - Fixed ???en.dataGrant.withheld??? issue with Data Grant Revoke process.
             Now displays '(Name withheld on request)' when the revoker chooses not
             to share their identity when revoking a data grant.
	   - Feedback & Support browser columns widened to prevent error:
 	     Error: value to long for character varying.

   o Other
           - DIRT Data Grants screens updated to reflect requested verbiage provided
             by DIRT Chair-persons in preparation for Orlando, FL. DIRT 6.0
             presentation.  (Ref: 2011.02.18 Data grants.pptx)
           - EVENT_TYPE selection changed from "Force Majeure," to "Natural Cause".
	   - One Call Center changes: DigNet of New York City and Long Island

DIRT North America 5.6 - Available December 2010

   Feature Set
   o Images & Attachments
     - A damage report may have 0..n images/attachments now.
   o Event Type Handling
     - Allows flagging those damage reports in the system that should not
       be considered for the annual DIRT Report if they were not Underground.
   o Submission Status
     - Allows an organization to submit a positive "No Data to Report for
       year NNNN" when they have no damages, or for an organization to
       indicate they have entered all their damages for year NNNN" when
       they have one or more.
   o Improved Data Grants User Experience
     - Revised user interface and layout, utilizing new jQueryUI framework
     - Use of "Data Requesting Organization" instead of the old ambiguous
       term "Reporting Organization".
     - A Data Requesting Organization can now send a request email to all
       companies/orgs in a given state/province and stakeholder group in a
       blind fashion, maintaining DIRT confidentiality terms.
     - Companies/orgs receiving one of those request emails can now respond
       with a Yes or No link inside the application.
     - All request history and responses are tracked in order to avoid
       "spam" behaviors in future requests and to provide audit trails.
     - All pending requests are tracked and may be modified or re-sent
     - The List Data Grants screen has been modified to include a "Request
       Identity" function for those org's who have not yet shared their identity
     - The List Data Grants screen has been modified to include a "Delete
       Data Grant" function
     - Emails are sent to the appropriate company administrators whenever a
       data grant is accepted or revoked.
   o Latitude/Longitude Handling
     - Allows entry of GPS locations and a view of that location on a Google map.
   o Localization/Translation Workflow (Ongoing effort) software complete (Fr, En)
           - Uses software to push local properties file (containing key/value)
             to Google Docs online (secured and accessible only by DIRT Engineers
             and Quebec translation team.  Changes to development trigger update to
             online spreadsheet and vice-versa.  Emails advise of changes made.
   o Source Identifier and Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)

DIRT North America 5.5.1 (Maintenance Release) - Available February 2010

   o New Features

   - Damage Report: Add Cancel button to the top of Damage Report screen.
   - Browse Damage Reports: Add additional Cancel button to the top of the screen
   - File Upload: Verify Cancel button
   - File Upload Browse: Change Close to Cancel
   - Data Grant: Change Close button to Cancel.  Add additional Cancel button
     'Add Data Grant' button moved into the left section of 'Add Data Grant' section
   - Data Quality Index: Add Cancel button.  Change 'Back/Change' button to be:
     'Alter Data Set'
   - Dashboard:  Add Cancel button to bottom of screen
   - Query Wizard/Power Reports: Add Cancel button to the bottom of screen
   - Company Admin: Add Cancel button to the bottom of screen.  This is especially
     helpful to Company Admins/App Admins with potentially up to 500 rows on this screen.
   - User Admin: Add additional Cancel button's with conditional logic to aid Company and App Admins
     since their screen is more populated than the other roles.  The additional
     buttons have the following conditions:  The additional navigation buttons are present if
     the list returned from the database for non-approved registrants is not empty.  The same
     is true for conditional check of an empty company list.  Otherwise, the default 'Add User' and
     'Cancel' buttons are available at the bottom of the screen.
   - Edit Profile: Verify Cancel button
   - Change Password: Verify Cancel button
   - Browse Feedback: Change 'Close' to 'Cancel'
   - Downloads: Add Cancel button to bottom of screen
   - Data Retention: Verify Cancel button
   - Virtual Private DIRT: Verify Cancel button
   - Site Admin (Application Administrators/VPD Subscribers Only) Change Close to Cancel
   - Integration of French text files for internationalization
   - New logic and UI support for CGA Super Admin to control Dashboard access.
   - New logic for redirecting user to Main Menu or Login screen depending on
     whether they are logged in or not based on the user's session.
   - New Main Menu link in header that is accessible from all screens available
     from the Main Menu including Company Admin and User Admin

   o Company Name Changes:
     Atmos Energy to ATMOS Energy Corporation.

   o Bug Fixes:
    -> Fixed URL, cookie, and post parameter names to work with new single-sign-on
       app at identiy.cga-dirt.com/cgareg
    -> Fixed issue with CsvDataSource reported by some users based on version of
       Microsoft Excel used to produce the CSV text file for upload.

   o Other
    -> Https Security Certificates updated (already pushed to production)
    -> New UFEL jar file (already pushed to prod on 2/2/2010) that resolved an issue
       for Qwest Communications using UFEL.
    -> New Qwest VPD
    -> New ORCGA VPD

DIRT North America 5.5 (Feature Release) - Available Sept. 10, 2009

   New Feature
   o Optional Identity Sharing: Data Grants
     An *optional* feature has been integrated into the Data Grants functionality
     to allow sharing of your identity (i.e. Company/Org Name only) with whom you
     are providing the Data Grant.  This option is applied at the Data Grant level
     which means that identity can be shared on an individual basis.

     Example1: Company A provides a Data Grant to Company B and indicates 'Yes' to
               the option of 'Share Identity'.  Now, Company B will see the *only*
               the name of Company A (as opposed to a random Org#) within the listing
               of grants provided to them.

     Example2: Company A decides they no longer wish to 'Share Identity' of their
               Company/Org Name for Data Grants.  Company A can simply 'Revoke' the
               Data Grant and issue another with 'Share Identity' as No.

     Example3: Company A wants to 'Share Identity' with Company B *only* and wants
               all other Data Grants to reference them (Company A) as a random Org#
               within the grantee's listing of available Data Grants.  This is fine.
               Make sure that the 'Share Identity' setting is marked as appropriate.
               Refer to Example 2 above.

   o DIRT Internationalization Framework (i18n)
     French Implementation Reference:

     Note: Country Flag association has been removed from the masthead of the logged in user
           so as to allow real-time switching between locales currently available.

     Note: The English text files are currently being translated into French and
     will be plugged in once they are completed.  The DIRT Framework is capable of swapping
     between locales (upper right corner of the application) as of DIRT 5.5

   o DIRT Localization [French] (l10n)
     Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalization_and_localization

   Bug Fixes
   o VPD Flex Field checks for preventing null pointer exceptions
   o Edit Profile role pull-down menu now properly defaults to the logged in user's
     role within DIRT (e.g. Company Admin).
   o DIRT Splash screen (www.cga-dirt.com) Feedback & Support link now properly
     closes and returns the user to the splash screen in the event the user presses
     Cancel button

   o Identity Server:
     List sorting for users that are registered for multiple applications now reflects
     their list of accessible applications at the top of the screen in a single area once logged in.
     Remaining applications (those that a user may request access to) are then sorted.
     List Processing Reference: http://penguin.ewu.edu/~trolfe/NaturalMerge/NatMerge.html

   o User Admin screen now multi-level pull-down (3) to produce relationships between
     application (i.e. Kansas VPD), companies (i.e. company A, B, C), and Users
     (i.e. users/registrants of given company)
     User Admin functionality adheres to the DIRT role hierarchy of security
     This feature is exposed to Application Administrators, i.e. VPD Owner/Operators

   o Company Admin screen now multi-level pull-down (2) between application (i.e. Kansas VPD)
     and company/organization (i.e. Company A).  Company Admin adheres to DIRT role
     hierarchy of security.  Company Admin is exposed to a CGA Administrator and VPD Owner/Operators

   o Browse screen (i.e. Damage Reports) now reflect 500 row count as opposed to the previous 20 on a singles screen

   o DIRT Administrator Functions:  Company Administration
     Company/Organization approval process has been refactored to be more flexible and adapt to a "CGA Property", (i.e.
     company registering with One Call Systems International - One Call Reporting) as opposed to being "DIRT specific".
     The logic has been removed from the DIRT North America core and placed within the CGA Single Sign-On application.

   o Query Wizard support for VPD Part Z: Custom Fields has been added to the tabular data ouput set.

   o All Sandbox servers have been moved off of the production identity.cga-dirt.com server
     and re-directed to their own launching pad of idsand.cga-dirt.com.  There is a new
     'Sandbox Servers' link in the production environment to alert the user community.
     The DIRT North America Sandbox, all Virtual Private DIRT Sandboxes and OCSI Sandbox will now
     be launched from idsand.cga-dirt.com.  This is primarily an effort towards cleaning up and
     reducing the complexity on the identity server login/registration screen.  This is likely only a first
     step towards what will eventually become a new User Interface (UI) for the identity server that is
     less confusing and more friendly to use.

   o Single Sign-On framework software completely re-written and implemented in an effort
     to be more flexible, scaleable and maintainable as it is handling the authorization/authentication
     from direct links of other company websites (Virtual Private DIRT instances)..
     - Logged in User Session swapping between locales (EN, FRA) is now maintained
     - Login Authentication/Authorization process now takes place on the www.cga-dirt.com
       screen for DIRT North America users and the trip to identity.cga-dirt.com is now
       completed in the background for the user.
     - Standard deep linking hyperlinks are now available within the overall framework of DIRT

       Example 1: A hyperlink that is emailed to a user (i.e. Company Administrator) for approving a
                  registrant/company is now recalled directly once the Company Administrator logs into DIRT.
       Example 2: A hyperlink that is referenced from outside the DIRT application (i.e. a link to the File Upload Spec from
                  within an email message) is directly where the user will be routed once they log into the tool.
       Example 3: A hyperlink to a specific Query Wizard canned report would apply the same scenarios as mentioned above.

       It was discovered (prior to DIRT release 5.5) that links received by end-users were broken once they clicked from
       within their email inbox.

       Example 4: Mary at Florida VPD receives a link via email to approve a new Company/Organization. Mary can now click the
                  link, be prompted for her credentials, and will be immediately routed to the screen where the task
                  is awaiting her, i.e. Company Approval screen.

   o Virtual Private DIRT
      The 'Get It' link on the DIRT splash screen [https://www.cga-dirt.com] now prompts for login credentials before providing
      access to the order form.  A note has been added in the 'Virtual Private DIRT' content box to advise.  The service now
      uses the deep linking capabiliites (mentioned above) to take the user directly to the VPD Registration screen upon
      successful login after clicking the 'Get It' link.
     - The VPD Registration form is now pre-populated with the already validated 'Company Name', 'Point of Contact', and 'Phone Number
       of the person requesting the new Virtual Private DIRT.

   o Company Name Changes:
     Aquila to Black Hills Energy
     Public Service Company of New Mexico to New Mexico Gas Company

DIRT North America 5.4 (Feature Release) - Available October 31, 2008

   New Feature
   o Data Quality Index (DQI)
     The DIRT DQI provides metrics on the number of essential fields submitted
     to DIRT and the measure of their contribution to the DIRT Annual Report.

     - Average DQI for submissions is presented to the user [for their Company/Org]
       on the Main Menu
     - Data Quality Index (DQI) link added to Main Menu that generates the
       Data Quality Index Summary Table.  It includes:
       - Data Set (i.e. Data for your organization)
       - Time Period (i.e. from 2008-01-01 to 2008-10-27)
       - Report Run (i.e. date report run 2008-10-27 11:24:50 MDT)
     - DQI Introduction/Help text available

   o Single Submission and ADL batch upload calculations
   o DQI - Main Menu (Average DQI by year for your Company/Organization)

   o Add Register link in the 'New to DIRT' section of DIRT Home Screen.
     This will redirect users to the same place (identity.cga-dirt.com)
     as the big blue button called Login.

   Bug Fixes
   o Fix Null Pointer Exception Error for Virtual Private DIRT Registration
   o Fix Executive Dashboard cronjob to run and refresh automatically

DIRT North America 5.3.1 (Maintenance Release) - Available July 24, 2008

   Power Query Wizard (Production Hot Patch)

   o Bug Fixes
     - Resolve issues for applying complex queries raised in Feedback Ticket
     - Better handling for inner and left outer joins when assembling complex queries
       while using the Power Query Wizard designer

   o Enhancements
     - Better error handling and user messaging while using Power Query Wizard
     - Executive Dashboard modified to reflect rolling 4 year data, i.e. includes
       current year minus 4
     - Better handling of Single Sign-On session redirection after logout.  User
       is now logged out of the application they originally logged into and returned
       to this application login screen as opposed to always CGA DIRT.
     - Add new color schemes to choose from for Virtual Private DIRT instances
     - Add Register link in 'New to DIRT?' section of Login screen
     - Add New Registration text on the identity.cga-dirt.com home screen

   o Virtual Private DIRT instances added
     - SourceGas
     - Salt River Project
     - Virginia Utilities Protection Service (VUPS)
     - Dig Safely New York

DIRT North America 5.3 - Available in Production April 28, 2008

   New Features

   o Single Sign-On Web Application (cgareg)
     - DIRT North America (and other CGA properties) now recognized as "Partner
       Applications" to the new CGA Single Sign-On Application.
     - Members (Registrants) of Partner Apps are authorized/authenticated via
       the Single Sign-On Gateway Framework under a new Identity and Authentication
       Management module.
     - New Single Sign-On Registration process that folds existing and new
       registrations under "CGA Umbrella" for user and company/org information
     - New Application redirects to Single Sign-On from any of the DIRT related
       CGA properties
     - New master schema that consolidates all previous independent database (13)
       schemas into a single (1) smart schema
     - Company/Organization consolidation into single object handling
       e.g. There is now a single instance of Verizon Business and a single
            instance of Atmos Energy as opposed to multiples across the
            independent DIRT offerings of North America and VPD
     - Registrant consolidation into single object handling
       e.g. Same example as above with company/org substituted with registrant
     - New Consolidated Oracle connection pooling into single large pool

   o Cross DIRT Data Grants
      - Leverages the new DIRT North America Data Model and introduces VPD
        instance identification, i.e. each instance of the application is given
        a unique identifier with attributes
      - Leverages Company/Org consolidation effort for existing and potenial
        'Reporting Organizations'
      - Introduced Advantages:
        - Data Grants are now applicable at the company/organization level and
          are not tied to the parent DIRT North America instance.
          Example 1: Company-A elects to be a Reporting Organization.  Company-A
          is now available in the "global" list of Reporting Organizations.
          Example 2: A Virtual Private DIRT can share with another Virtual
          Private DIRT or with DIRT North America and vice-versa.

          The fact that a Company/Org is a VPD or a Company/Org within a VPD
          has been abstracted out.  A Company/Org is unique whether they are
          their own VPD or a registered Company/Org of DIRT North America

   o Email service conversion from former @uncc.org to @cga-dirt.com for
     all DIRT North North America and Virtual Private DIRT administrative functions.
     Note: Please make your email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, GMail, etc.)
           aware that emails from dirt-support@cga-dirt.com should not be filtered.
           This replaces all instances where ebusiness@uncc.org was previously used.

   o Source code package refactoring from org.uncc.* to org.cga.common.*

   o Feature Entitlement
     - Entitlement applied to ADL Specification and is now only accessible
       to registered and logged in users of DIRT North America

   o Modified Features
      - DIRT North America Home Page (Login Screen) no longer performs authorization
        and or identity management for users.  New Single Sign-On link forwards user
        to the CGA Single Sign-On & Registration Application.
      - Proxy User & Login
        - Log 'last logged in' information for Proxy Users
      - Edit Profile
        - Preserve the registrants PROXY_LOGIN information after edits
          to their profile take effect
      - DIRT North America Login Screen now has 'Annual Report' in the Tools & Documentation
        area as a hyperlink to the unsecure side of cga-dirt.com making Annual Report related
        information available to the public from a download menu.  The new area is linked to
        DIRT North America from www.cga-dirt.com/annual
      - DIRT North America Registration has been modified according to the needs set forth
        by Single Sign-On/Single Registration
        - Improved search for existing company during registration process
        - Eliminated requirement for Company Admin Name and Email
        - Simpler selection of existing company or addition of New Company
        - New 'Request Access' mechanism for existing registrants to gain access
          to a new application (e.g. NTDPC VPD) or to request access as a member
          of another company (e.g. request access to both Verizon Business and

   o User Interface Enhancements
      - Cascade Style Sheeting applied to DIRT Main Menu for hovering
      - CSS boxtitle class added for Header information, i.e. DIRT Main Menu
      - Consistent CSS applied to to DIRT North America Login Screen
      - Blue-ish box headers are now Gray-ish to align with Single Sign-On

   o Bug Fixes
      - Virtual Private DIRT Registration
        - Fixed bug encountered during attempt to submit registration for
          a Virtual Private DIRT request.
      - Data Retention Policy
        - Override for all Virtual Private DIRT instances and users.
          Users of these instances will not be prompted for retention choice.
          Data Retention is not applicable to individual Private DIRT, but
          can be adjusted by support admins if needed.
      - Power Query Wizard now returns (DIRT 5.3.1 Upcoming)
          a valid boolean for FAC_MARKS_VISIBLE and FAC_MARKS_CORRECT as opposed
          to the machine code previously returned.

   o Virtual Private DIRT
      - New January 2008
        - Pacific Gas & Electric
      - New February 2008
        - Kansas Corporation Commission
      - Already Released to production October 2007
        - Sunshine State One Call of Florida
        - North Carolina One-Call CenterOhio
        - One-Call Systems, Inc.
        - Kentucky 811
        - Pennsylvania One Call

       A direct link to th DIRT 5.3 presentation given in Las Vegas on March 25, 2008
       can be found here
       All other DIRT Developer Presentations can be found at:

DIRT North America 5.2 - General Availability May 17, 2006

   New Features
   o Power Query Wizard:
      - Available to *all* DIRT North America Users and Virtual Private DIRT
      - Run reports you've defined, shared to your Company/Organization,
        shared by others
      - Run existing report or create a new report
      - Step 1: Simple stepped process of creating a new report
        - Decide on 'Report Name', date range, data set
      - Step 2: Filter/Reduce/Subset Data Set
        - Optional Filter condition
          Available for all DIRT data columns (A-J) with ability to apply the
          operators of:
          *Equal to, Not Equal to, <, <=, >, >=, Is null/empty, Like, Not like,
           Is in list, Is not in list, Between
        - Ability to Edit or Delete Filter on the fly
      - Step 3: Specify Columns
        - Choose data column(s) to add (drag and drop to re-order once added)
      - Step 4: Detail/Roll-up summary options
        - 3 Choices:
          * Output all column values as selected
          * Roll-up summary count by all selected columns
            (includes option to include percentage/cumulative percentage)
          * Cross-tab summary by time for all selected columns
      - Step 5: Specify result ordering
         * Optional ability to toggle ('up' arrow) ascending [asc] order or
           ('down' arrow) for descending [desc] order).
         * Optional ability to 'remove' a defined 'order by' with the 'x' icon
      - Step 6: Review and specify sharing
        - Verify chosen name, date range, data set, filtering, columns, report
          summary options, ordering, and specify sharing choice (not shared,
          to my organization, to all DIRT users)
        - Save button 'saves' the report and returns the user to 'Power Reports'
        - Run button saves the report and then produces the result of the report
        - Result screen produces report data (tabular and graph if applicable)
        - Report export options are CSV, Excel, PDF

   o Data Retention
     - Available to Company Administrator of Company/Organization to specify how
       their prior year's data should be handled.  There are 3 options:
       1.) Keep it in DIRT North America
       2.) Purge it (after it's been included in annual report) and provide copy for
         download by the company administrator.
       3.) Move it to their own Virtual Private DIRT instance.
     - Data Retention is tracked by period, i.e. current year minus 1
     - A "record" of Data Retention is persisted in DIRT North America on behalf
       of each Company/Organization along with their choice, selection time,
       registrant making the selection, and data retention policy last update time.
     - Data Retention invoked at next login for all identified Company Administrators
       as a "Click Through Process".  The user does have the ability to 'Choose Later'
       if desired.  This 'Choose Later' option is recorded and updated as the
       default of 'Keep It Here'.  The user must choose 1 of the 3
       options in order to continue logging in otherwise their option is 'Cancel'
       and they will be returned to the Login screen.
     - Choosing option #3 (Move it) will transfer the user to the Virtual Private
       DIRT Registration screen.
     - NOTE: Data Retention is not available to Virtual Private DIRT instances by
       design, however, it can be activated on a VPD instance basis if needed.
       Reason? In most cases, a VPD client won't want to 'Move it'.

   o Virtual Private DIRT - Registration
     - Note: Logic is place to only allow this availability from the master/parent
       instance of DIRT North America, i.e. Atmos Energy or NTDPC will not see
       Virtual Private DIRT Registration
     - VPD Registration pre-populates Company Name, Contact Person (Company Administrator
       that is making the election), and Phone.  General information is gathered and
       sent to the DIRT North America Support Team to get started with the new
       Virtual Private DIRT request.

   o Modified Features
      - DIRT North America - User Guide
        - Updated to reflect current release version 5.2
      - DIRT Field Form
        - Updated to reflect current release version 5.2

   o Bug Fixes
      - None

   o Other
      - 'About CGA' text box updated with new text received from Erika
      - 2005 Annual Report available for download from 'DIRT Tools & Documentation'
        area as well as 'Downloads' areas to honor both logged out and logged in users.
      - Virtual Private DIRT (VPD) Overview (PDF Format) now available on the
        DIRT North America Login screen.  Absolute URL for viewing is at:

       DIRT 5.2 presentation given in Myrtle Beach, SC on May 17, 2007 can be found

DIRT 5.1 Canadian GEO Release - General Availability September 13, 2006

   New Features
   o Full Canadian Province support for:
     - Prince Edward Island
     - Nova Scotia
     - New Brunswick
     - Quebec
     - Ontario [already supported]
     - Newfoundland and Labrador
     - Manitoba
     - Saskatchewan
     - Alberta
     - British Columbia
     - Yukon Territory
     - Northwest Territories
     - Nunavut
   o Canadian One Calls/Locate Organizations added:
     - Info-Excavation
       Mapped to Province of Quebec and New Brunswick
     - Saint John Dig Line
       Mapped to New Brunswick
     - Sask 1st Call
       Mapped to Province of Saskatchewan
     - Alberta One Call
       Mapped to Province of Alberta
     - BC One Call
       Mapped to Province of British Columbia

       The DIRT user has the option of selecting 'Unknown/Other' regardless
       of whether the selected Province is mapped to a One Call Center.  The
       "Atlantic" or "Maratimes" Provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia,
       and Newfoundland and Labrador will fall into this category until the planned
       One Call planned entity is established.

       Utilities in Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nunavut (mostly ariel),
       and Manitoba perform their own locates in most cases.  Individual companies/organizations
       within these Provinces and the Maratimes are encouraged to report theirt
       damage/incident data and choose 'Unknown/Other' as their One Call Center.

    o Modified Features
      - Damage Report Form (as well as Damage Report View) dynamically update to acknowledge
        Part B: Date and Location of Event (* required "County" field) as
        County, Disrtict, Municipal District, Regional District, or Division
        according to the selected Province.  DIRT Canada treats municipalities,
        districts, and divisions the same as counties -- a sub-provincial geographical area --
        wherever possible.
      - File Upload Specification now provides full Canadian Province support

    o Bug Fixes
      - Recognition of the logged in user in the upper right hand corner
        correctly identifies Canadian users.
      - Fix problem with Country name and other information getting lost when
        user changes the state/prov value

    o Other
      - Add support for encoding to be sure that all incoming request data from
        a POST are decoded from the UTF-8 charset.
      - Oracle server coverted to support UTF-8 character set (French support)

       DIRT 5.1 presentation given in Las Vegas on Sept. 13, 2006 can be found

DIRT 5.0 Major Release - General Availability August 24, 2006

   New Features
   o Virtual Private DIRT
     Service Offering/Availability/Policies/Support are currently being established
     by the leadership team.  For Colorado, all companies using the original
     Colorado Damage Reporting Tool (Since 2001) will be migrated to UNCC's
     Virtual Private DIRT presence.  Virtual Private DIRT is intended to provide
     companies/organizations with the ability to customize a "Damage/Incident Reporting" tool
     in which they have the capability of collecting data from their members that may be
     outside of the core DIRT North America data specification.  The new data fields collected
     at the individual Virtual Private DIRT level are reflected as Part Z (Zee) of the
     Damage Report Form within DIRT North America.  Please contact DIRT Software for
     more information on Virtual Private DIRT.
     DIRT 5.0 and Virtual Private DIRT were released for QA testing in June 2006.
     - New 'Site Admin'[Administration] link on Main Menu available to *Virtual
       Private DIRT Subscribers Only*.
      + Color Scheme, Page Layout Selection, Custom Logo
      + Software Application Title, Company Name, Company URL
      + Email Controls (to and from)
      + Data Sharing (optional opt-in/opt-out)
      + Site About Text
      + Flexible Data Fields
       - Add/Edit Custom Fields for Virtual Private DIRT instance
         Custom (site specific) fields are displayed in new Part Z (zee)
       - Allows Field Name, Friendly Label, Required(Y/N), and data types of:
         Pick List of Values (drop-down menu), Integer Number or Range, String
       - Site Specific fields are generated dynamically for Automated Data
         Loader File Upload Specification as "Site Specific fields"
   o DIRT North America Phone Support available on 703-229-6069
     Forwarded to Engineer(s) M-F 8AM-5PM Mountain, Voice Mail after hours
     [Feedback #136]

   Modified Features
   o Feedback & Support is now available as "Support" in upper right corner of
     all pages while logged in.
   o Downloads area is now available on Main Menu while logged in
   o Downloads area expanded to support Software as well as File Downloads.
     Universal Front End Loader and Online Training Videos are now available here.
   o Query Wizard now allows "*" in either the start or end date to indicate
     no boundary on that end.  Entering "*" in both the start and end date
     fields allows access to all rows.
   o Automated Data Loader (ADL) now allows County names to be specified
     without the state prefix.  For example, "Boulder" can be entered
     as a value in the COUNTY column as long as the preceding state/province
     is Colorado (or CO or 8). [Feedback #125]
   o ADL Specification now has an option to "Download entire table as XXX.csv"
     for each of the lookup table options, such as STAKEHOLDER_GROUP, etc.
     The one for STATE_PROV downloads for all countries (US and CA).  The
     ones for COUNTY and ONECALL_CENTER downloads for all states/provinces
     in both the US and Canada.

   Bug Fixes/Feedback-initiated enhancements
   o Update damage cause #19 under Excavation practices to be "Failure to
     maintain clearance" instead of "Failure to maintain clearance between
     powered equipment and underground facility", avoiding user interface
     issues on the web form and ADL clients.  Add compatibility to ADL
     processor in case anyone submits the long version.
   o Add damage cause #24 under Excavation practices: "Improper backfilling"
     with abbreviation EXBACKFILL.
   o Ensure the RPT01: Tabular Details in DIRT ADL Format includes the last
     "ADDITIONAL_COMMENTS" column, ensuring that all data input can be
     downloaded through that interface.

   Presentation for DIRT 5.0 was given in Kansas City June 14, 2006.
   It's available here.

DIRT North America version 4.3.0 released May 1, 2006

    Modified Features
    Damage Report Form
    o Part A: Stakeholder Information
      - Gas is now Natural Gas
      - Oil is now Liquid Pipeline

    o Part D: Type of Work Performed
      - Gas is now Natural Gas
      - Petroleum Pipeline is now 'Liquid Pipeline'
      - Transmission Pipeline has been removed.  Records marked with
        this option will be set to either Natural Gas or Liquid Pipeline
        depending on the submitting Stakeholder Group.
      - Blading and Lot Grading have been replaced by 'Grading'
      - 'Milling' was added as an option
      - Pick list is now in sorted order

    o Part D: Type of Excavation Equipment
      - Added Milling Equipment

    o Part H: Was there damage to a facility?
      - Now defaults to 'Yes' since that is the most common case for users,
        with 'No (near-miss)' being the infrequently used option.

    o Part I: Description of the Root Cause
      - No longer requires user to choose/forces 'One Call Center not Notified'
        as the root cause when the user chose 'No' in Part E to the question of
        whether the excavator notified the one-call center.
      - The User Interface now displays Root Cause as a 2-Tier dynamic select
        pull-down menu.  The user is now able to choose a first level cause and
        then optionally choose a second level cause if applicable.
      - Added 'One Call notification practices not sufficient', with 2nd level:
        - No notification made to the one-call center (existing)
        - Notification to one-call center made but not sufficient (existing)
        - Wrong information provided (existing)
      - Added 'Locating practices not sufficient', with 2nd level:
        - Facility could not be found/located (existing)
        - Facility marking or location not sufficient (existing)
        - Facility was not located or marked (existing)
        - Incorrect facility records/maps (existing)
      - Updated 'Excavation practices not sufficient', with 2nd level:
        - Failure to maintain clearance between powered equipment and
          underground facility (new)
        - Failure to maintain the marks (new)
        - Failure to support exposed facilities (new)
        - Failure to use hand tools where required (new)
        - Failure to verify location by test-hole (pot-holing) (new)
      - Dynamically hide/show the "...please explain" field when the
        user chooses Other as the damage cause.  Remove the percentage
        due to performance problems under IE 5.x/Windows.

    o Part J:Additional Comments
      - Additional Comments is now part of the calculated MD5 Checksum used in
        the Exact/Fuzzy Duplicate data detection process.  This enhancement will
        now allow several users to upload their data which does not contain
        enough data in other fields to discriminate between 2 events on the
        same day.

    Automated Data Loader and Universal Front-End Loader (UFEL)
    o Add ability to accomodate either NOTCOL or NOTCOLLECTED as valid values
      for all columns that accept 'Data Not Collected'
    o Add "backward compatibility" mechanism such that data submitted
      with older values will be mapped to the new values.  For example,
      if the file contains "Gas" in the Stakeholder Group or Work Performed
      column, it will be mapped to "Natural gas".

    All lookup tables
    o Fix display/sorting order such that items are ordered by their
      'description' field, with Data Not Collected and Unknown/Other
      appearing at the end of all lists.
    o File Upload Spec now uses same display sorting order as
      Damage Report/Edit Damage Report Edit forms.
    o File Upload Spec now shows two-level Damage Cause options as
      indented with double-dashes for the second level.  Note that
      spaces and punctuation are NOT significant whe processing file

    Misc Fixes
    o Update "NV-Carson" county to "NV-Carson City" to match FIPS standard.

DIRT North America version 4.2.5 hotfix, released April 7, 2006

    Modified Features
    o Damage Report Form (as well as Automated Data Loader and UFEL) now allow
      'Data Not Collected' and 'Unknown/Other' as valid values for
      Service Interruption in Part H: Description of Damage.

      The modification required changes in the following areas:
      - Quad State Boolean Validator
      - File Upload Specification support for values outside of Yes/No
      - Query Wizard output for RPT01, RPT03, RPT05 where SERVICE_INTERRUPTED
        was converted to Quad-State-Boolean Type.
      - Damage Report underlying object
      - Damage Report View and Edit functionality
      - Data Upload Parser handling
      - Damage Report Digester for calculating "exact" and "fuzzy" checksum of
        a given Damage Report object
      - Oracle RDBMS patches table alterations, constraints, and views used by
        Query Wizard
      - User Guide - Added verbiage for Data Not Collected and Unknown/Other
        support for 'Did the damage cause an interruption of service?'

DIRT North America version 4.2.4 hotfix, released March 5, 2006

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix for File Upload (ADL) not properly handling duplicate entries
      within the same file.  User is now informed which row in the file
      is an exact match for a prior row.  Previously a database error
      may have been displayed to the user.  Now, along with the above fix,
      database errors are handled more gracefully, the file upload status
      is set, and the user is informed (politely) of the error.
      [r590, Feedback #98]
    o Fix for numeric ranges in the Query Wizard screen -- ranges for
      being reported on correctly due to an issue with the underlying
      SQL views. [r421, Feedback #96]

DIRT North America version 4.2.3 hotfix, released January 27, 2006

    Modified Features
    o In the Query Wizard screen, the output from RPT01: Tabular Details in
      DIRT ADL Format was altered to output the full descriptions from the
      specification, instead of abbreviations, making the data output more
      human-readable.  The following columns that previously showed
      abbreviations now show descriptions: STAKEHOLDER_GROUP, STATE_PROV,
      COUNTRY column was left at is abbreviation value (US or CA).
      [r469, Feedback #81]
    o Update numeric ranges in part G and H of Damage Report form to
      reflect requested changes from Houston meeting minutes
      (DataCommitteeSummary120505_Final.pdf, section 7, pages 4-5).
      [r470, Feedback #84]
    o Part D: Excavation Information ->Type of Work Performed -> Altered
      'Sewer' entry to be 'Sewer (Sanitary/Storm)' [r474, Feedback #84]
    o Cross-border reporting now supported through the Data Grants and
      Query Wizard screens -- a Canadian Organization may grant reporting
      priveleges to a US Reporting Org. and vice versa.
      [r477, Feedback #80]
    o Exact value input and the DIRT Automated Data Loader now check for
      decimal numbers and round to the nearest whole integer value.
      Previously, decimal values like 4.95 would have been rejected; that
      would now be converted to 5.  Added verbiage to HTML form to tell
      user to enter whole numbers as well. [r472, Feedback #87]

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix for feedback items that contained dollar-signs ($).  Dollar signs
      are now allowed in the synopsis and description section
      [r468, Feedback #85]

DIRT North America version 4.2.2 hotfix, released January 13, 2006

    New Features
    o 2004 Annual Report has been posted for download in PDF Format

    Modified Features
    o DIRT User Guide updated and posted for download and in-line viewing.
    o Update Query Wizard RPT01: Tabular details in DIRT ADL Format
      - Change output of County Abbreviation to use full County description
        Previously, the County Abbreviation was not:
        a) easily human-readable without cross-checking the DIRT File Upload
           spec, or
        b) easily used in a mapping application to display or analyze data
           by county.
        Addressed per Feedback & Support Item: 81 submitted by ElPaso Corp

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix for Change Password screen where user would submit their new password
      and get an error: ...IllegalArgumentException: Invalid property name
      'adminLogin'. [r459]

    o Update copyright date to include 2006 since the app has rev'd in this
      year. [r459]

    o Fix problem with background "Administrative Reminder" job scheduling
      entry [r458]

DIRT North America version 4.2.1 hotfix, released December 12, 2005

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix for NPE: problem with validation when FAC_MARKS_VISIBLE was set
      but FAC_MARKS_CORRECT was null.  Reported by chris.flood@bell.ca
      in Feedback #78. [r443]

    o Performance improvement in UploadParser: using a cached statement
      for lookup of duplicate damage reports by EXACT_MD5SUM results
      in 50% performance improvement for large data set. [r443]

    o Fix longstanding problem with Edit button on the Feedback View screen
      when not logged in.  Now preserves the Feedback ID# when directing
      the user to the login page and back. [r443]

    o Fix problem with damages in January 2005 being rejected due to
      overly strict date range checking.

DIRT North America version 4.2 released December 5, 2005

    New Features & Functionality
    o Dashboard is a new feature developed to mine the DIRT data repository
      and present summary data on how DIRT is performing.
      The intent is to provide visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs)
      through simple visual graphics such as charts and tables (tabular data)
      within your web browser

      The Dashboard:
      -> Contains high-level summary data intended for broad distribution within
         the whole DIRT audience, with no identifiable state/province or
         organizational elements.
      -> Presents different metrics in a single consolidated view
      -> Provides intuitive indicators, such as graphs and pie charts that are
         instantly understandable.  For example, DIRT Dashboard provides
         a 3-Dimensional Pie Chart of our Feedback & Support items that have been
         submitted, assigned to a resource, etc. DIRT leaders and
         members can identify interaction with the user community at a glance.
      -> Shows trends and summary totals that may be useful for both
         marketing the current successes in DIRT adoption as well as identifying
         general gaps that need additional attention from members.

      "In many respects a dashboard can be likened to a dashboard in
      an automobile. It provides an 'at-a-glance view' of the current
      operational state of the vehicle."
    o As part of the dashboard development, a general login/session and
      click-tracking has been added to the application, allowing for deeper
      analysis of application usage once sufficient data have been collected.

    User Interface Changes
    o Damage Report Form modifications include:
       Part B:
       -> Change 'Date of damage:' to 'Date of event:'
       -> Change 'Right of way where the damage occured: ->
          Right of way where the event occured:'
       -> Changed the order of the Right of way pull-down menu as requested
       Part D:
       -> Add Farm Equipment to Type of Excavation Equipment pull-down
       -> Changed each ? (question mark) to : (colon) as requested
       Part F:
       -> Change 'Type of Locator?' to 'Type of Locator:'
       -> Add 'locate' to 'Were facility locate marks visible in the area ...'
       Part H:
       -> Change ? (question mark) to : (colon) for 'If yes, duration of ...'
       -> Add asterisk before 'Please choose one:' as required field.
          Note: This is required if answer is Yes to
          'Did the damage cause an interruption in service?'
       -> Change ? (question mark) to : (colon) for:
          Number of people injured and Number of fatalities

       File Upload Specification reads DIRT pull-down menus dynamically so
       changes made to DIRT lookup tables (for generating pull-down menus),
       is automatic.

    Document Revisions
    o CGADIRT-FieldForm.pdf and CGADIRT-FieldForm.doc files modified per request
      and posted in DIRT download area.

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix problem underlying feedback item #70 on www.cga-dirt.com --
      was not allowing empty values for FAC_MARKS_VISIBLE/FAC_MARKS_CORRECT
      when the corresponding LOCATE_REQ column was set to N. [r405]
    o Fix missing county for Baltimore City (FIPS code 24510). [r436]

DIRT North America version 4.1.3 hotfix, released October 18, 2005

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix for ORA-00904: invalid column name error on the Query Wizard
      screen, reported by Brian DeRooy in Feedback item #64.  [r379]

    o Fix for ORA-00001: unique constraint error that some users encountered
      during registration.  Was caused by user entering a Company Administrator
      or an Additional User that had a duplicate email address from earlier
      in the registration process.  Now enforce strict checking at every
      stage where email addresses are entered.  Also show the user who
      has already been added while on the Add User screen, to avoid having
      them think they need to re-enter the same people.

DIRT North America version 4.1.2 released September 6, 2005

    Functionality Changes
    o Data submission now restricted to January 1, 2005 to current date.

    o Allow OUTAGE_HOURS_DURATION to be submitted as "NOTCOL" in addition to
      existing numeric data entry [r239]

    o Ensure the City field is optional (not required) throughout the
      application.  Updates to Damage Report form section heading Part F.

    o Update set of Virginia Counties.  See full details in Feedback item
      number 51 on www.cga-dirt.com [r305]

    Bug Fixes
    o Fix validation for Facility Marks Visible and Facility Marks Correct
      when submitted through the web Damage Report form's single data entry
      mechanism. [r246]

    o Fix a error related to integer columns that could also accept NOTCOL

    o Update section headings in the web Damage Report form.

    o Fix status page used by UFEL client when exact match duplicate
      damage reports are found. Was causing a SAXParseException. [r312]

    o Fix OutOfMemoryException that was occurring in Fuzzy Match
      Detection with very large data sets [r316, r317]

    o Fix "ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined" error that occurred
      with certain combinations in the CrossTab report.

DIRT North America version 4.1.1 released July 12, 2005

    New Release Components
    o Introduction of "Quad" state boolean  handling
      - Affects Part H, F,I of on line Damage Report Form, Automated Data Loader,
        Query Wizard, Universal Front End Loader, File Upload Specification
    o Added Part J: Additional Comments
      - Affects on line Damage Report Form, off line PDF/Word documents, Automated
        Data Loader, Universal Front End Loader, Query Wizard and File Upload Spec.

    New Functionality
    o Part E: Notification (on line Damage Report Form only)
      - Refactored to redraw screen dynamically without sending request to server.
        Answering 'Yes' to 'Did the excavator notify the one-call notification center?'
        automatically redraws the screen and presents the user with two additional
        drop-down menus -- Choose one-call center and one-call ticket number, respectively.
        Alternatively, answering 'No' to the same questions removes the latter drop-down
    o Part G: Excavator Downtime (on line Damage Report Form only)
      - Refactored to dynamically present the user with two additional drop-down menus
        if choice is 'Yes' to the question 'Did the excavator incur downtime?'.  DIRT
        no longer needs to send a new request to the server to redraw the screen which
        allows us to preserve the user's present location while completing the form.
    o Part H: Desctiption of Damage (on line Damage Report Form only)
      - Same altered functionality as mentioned above for Part E and G.
        The user's answer to the required 'Did the damage cause an interruption in service?'
        presents the user with additional drop-down menus or removes them based on the
        Yes/No answer.
    o Added 'Data Not Collected' and 'Unknown' to Part H: Description of Damage if the user
      chooses 'Yes' to the question "Did the damage cause an interruption in service?".
    o Added 'Data Not Collected' and 'Unknown' to
      Part F: Locating and Marking (required if answered yes to part E).
      - Questions that now accept the new values:
        Were facility marks visible in the area of the excavation?
        Were facilities marked correctly?
      - Default values for the two questions are 'Data Not Collected'.
    o Part I: Description of the Root Cause
      - Added 'Data Not Collected' as an additional choice
    o Introduced Part J: Additional Comments to on line Damage Report Form,
      Damage Report View (Browse Damage Reports menu option), Damage Report Edit.

    Supporting alterations/additions to DIRT code base and underlying Oracle database
      - New quad state boolean object for Yes, No, Data Not Collected, Unknown
        Includes Oracle database table and onject persistence
      - New quad state boolean validator class for database lookup values
      - Mapping of form values to numbers were updated as stored in Oracle.
      - Updated Damage Report View (Browse Damage Reports) to display as appropriate.
      - Query Wizard reports updated to properly display bars/pies/crosstabs for this value.
      - Modified File Upload (Automated Data Loader) to allow new value.
      - Modified Universal Front End Loader to add this new selection and mappings.
      - Damage Report object now references QuadStateBool Type
      - Facility Marks Visible/Correct now of new QuadStateBool type instead of just boolean.
      - Damage Report validator, digester updated.
      - Inserted Unknown/Other into Right of Way object
      - New Hide/Show/Change function for dynamic parts of Damage Report screen.

    Bug Fixes
    o  DIRT Login screen refactored to accomodate browser stretches according to
       size and place the content boxes and their associated spacing in
       more symmetric manner.

    Other Changes
    o  DIRT Documentation changed to be DIRT Tools & Documentation
    o  9-1 Form User Guide changed to DIRT User Guide
    o  Universal Front End Loader download link placed under DIRT Tools &Documentation
       content box.
    o  PDF (Portable Document Format) and Microsoft Word versions of the Damage
       Report Form placed for download
       - new download Java Server Page available from DIRT Tools & Documentation area
       - changed completed to struts framework forward
       - login screen updated with link to download page that is now prepared for adding
         future file downloads
    o  Update Right Of Way Type Menu:
       - update to be 'Public - Interstate Highway'
       - update to be 'Public - County Road'
       - update to be 'Public - Other'
       - update to be 'Data Not Collected'

DIRT North America version 4.1 released June 27, 2005

    New Features
    o Query Wizard: Trending and Graphing
    o Exact Value entry (damage report web form)
    o DIRT User Interface (inititates more consistency with CGA Web Site)
    o DIRT Training Videos: Registration complete and deployed. (more forthcoming)

    DIRT Committee accepted DIRT 4.1 on June 23, 2005

    Bug Fixes
    o  DamageReportValidator handling code for LOCATE ORGANIZATION boolean vs. null
    o  Updates and corrections to One Call Center drop down list

    Previous "Hot Fixes" applied and bundled in this release.
    o  Data Grant list page now displays Org# instead of Company name.
    o  CGA Logo now linked to Common Ground Alliance Home.
    o  DamageReportValidator conditional code checks for LOCATE ORGANIZATION
    o  Note added to Feedback & Support screen to explain typical 1 day turn around on response to request.

DIRT North America version 4.0.1 released March 20, 2005

    Changes integrated into this release
    o Fix issue where user was notified "...your account is no longer
      active", which occurred just after registration but before CGA/
      Company Admin approval for some users.
    o Fix issue with multi-user registration (p. 5/5) where the error
      "addRegIdx is required" was displayed after the 2nd registrant
      was added to the list.
    o Fix regression where a "** Sandbox **" string was no longer displayed
      on the sandbox.cga-dirt.com site.  Now displays, in big letters
      "** DIRT Training/QA Site **"
    o Fix in damage report validation for use by UFEL client.
    o Update footer copyright to 2005.

DIRT North America version 4.0 released January 20, 2005

    DIRT North America version 4.0 merges DIRT United States
    (www.cga-dirt.com) and what was developed for Ontario, Canada
    (canada.cga-dirt.com) into www.cga-dirt.com.
    DIRT 4.0 is now in the Sandbox for open testing.
    A successful burn in period will allow DIRT 4.0 to be pushed to
    production on www.cga-dirt.com

    High Level Release Notes for 4.0 of DIRT North America January 20, 2005
    o Data Access Grant feature
      + New Data Access Grant screen presented to Company Administrators only.
      + New Data Grant data and java objects for handling
      + New data persistence for Grant object
      + New reporting organization flag added to underlying data model
      + New Java classes for:
        - Updating user's Company object set chosen Reporting Organization election
        - Retrieving Reporting Organizations and list population
        - State/Province and Role restriction list population
        - Granting/Revoking logic for from_company to_company with restrictions
    o New Main Menu updates
      + Add Data Grant menu choice and description
	  + Activate Query Wizard menu choice
      Also displays number of active grants if they exist.
    o New 3 step Query Wizard with options:
      + Report only on data I submitted
      + Report on data for my organization (Example: ByteMechanix, Inc.)
      + Plus data for all organizations that granted access to their data
        - Inludes link to display this list).
        - Note: Query Wizard options may differ based on your granted role(s)
      + Output types include:
        - Web Report (HTML)
        - Comma Delimited (CSV) ( Download for spreadsheet analysis, e.g. Excel)
        - Tab Delimited (TSV)  (Download for spreadsheet analysis, e.g. Excel

About Data Access Grants (feature)
Introducing this feature into DIRT accomplishes the following:
1.) New company(ies) register under their own name, instead of under an One-Call
    Center or other reporting organization
2.) Anonymity and confidentiality are preserved while meeting the needs
    of organizations seeking to report on data specific to their focus
3.) The DIRT Registration system was not altered.

With this feature, companies will be able to anonymously grant access
of their data to �Reporting Organizations�.  These organizations include
One-Call Centers, Trade Associations, Regional Partners (such as ORCGA), etc.
It will be incumbent upon those reporting organizations to educate their
members on the value of reporting and solicit the support of their member
companies.  This is an advantage in that others (e.g. reporting organizations)
are promoting DIRT and encouraging member participation.

    o RegistrantAddAction:
      Fix bug related to the User Admin "Add User" button.  Users
      added through that button were *not* getting their active flag set.
      So after they set their security info and clicked through Terms &
      Conditions screen, they'd get into the application with only a
      Session attribute set for active user. The next time they tried to
      log into DIRT they got the message "Your account is INACTIVE...".
      The active user attribute is now being persisted in the database, so
      future login attempts will check this flag first.  Fixing this bug
      in the DIRT North America code base automatically propogates the change(s)
      to users of DIRT Universal Front End Loader.

    o Updates to text on DIRT Login screen to reflect release date,
      updated release notes, added Universal Front End Loader as one of the
      3 ways to report data.  Aligned Universal Front End Loader table layout
      for download and text placement.
    o Merged release notes from DIRT 3.2.1 (U.S. Production) and DIRT Canada
      version 3.9.5 into DIRT North America 4.0.

     Known Issues (solution seeking in progress)
    o Query Wizard screen renders differently for users with only User and
      Manager roles.  DIRT users with COMPANY ADMIN role are seeing the
      Query Wizard screen as it should be displayed in all browsers.
      There's a fabulous prize ready for the developer that finds this bug
      or "feature" and squashes it!  No functionality issues are present.
      Only screen layout and presentation look and feel.

      Please direct questions about this release to the DIRT Software Developers
      at dirt-developer@cga-dirt.com

DIRT Canada version 3.9.3 released November 16, 2004

    High Level Release Notes for Progress Release 3.9.3 of DIRT Canada 11/16/04
    o State/Province additions to include:
      * Alberta
      * British Columbia
      * Saskatchewan
      * Manitoba
      * Ontario (Previously released)
      * Quebec
      * Newfoundland and Labrador
      * New Brunswick
      * Nova Scotia
      * Prince Edward Island
      * Yukon
      * Northwest Territories
      * Nunavut

    o Registration, Damage Report, File Upload Specification
	  dynamically populate list of states/provinces and associated counties.

	o Country Administration role removed per 10/26/2004 Task Group Call
	  - Replaced with ORCGA ability to act as Company Administrator.  All
	    member companies of ORCGA will be identified as Managers and Managers
		will identify individual users.

	o Altered Registration process:
	  - Choosing Canada/Ontario presents user with question:
	    Are you a member of ORCGA?

		Option 1)
		If Yes, a message is displayed to the user indicating that their
		reporting will take place under ORCGA as Company Administrator.  The
		new registrant now is only able to be a Manager or User.

		Option 2)
		If No, the user is asked, "Do you wish to report under ORCGA?"
		- If Yes, then registration is processed as described in Option 1.
		- If No, then registration continues by allowing the user to either
		  choose an existing company or add a new company.

	 o XML Mode translations for Login & Main Menu controllers for Universal
	   Front End Loader Support

	 o DIRT North America login screen stubbed to accomodate Universal Front
	   End Loader download.

DIRT Canada version 3.9.2 released September 25, 2004

    High Level Release Notes for Progress Release 3.9.2 of DIRT Canada
    o Damage Report
      - Damage Report form Part B: has been modified to support Country,
        dynamically populated list of states/provinces and associated counties.
      - Damage Report form Part E: has been revised to adapt One Call Center
        based on the updated state/province locator for a given country.
      - Damage Report form now submits the form data to the database as appropriate.
    o Browse Damage Reports
      - Functionality adjusted to retrieve records for registrant for their country
        as opposed to the former default of United States
      - City, County, State/Province adjusted as explained above
    o Browse Damage Report -> View Damage Report
      - adjusted for Country, State/Province
    o Browse Damage Report -> View Damage Report -> Modify
      - Modify Damage Report functionality adjusted to recognize country as a
        non-modifiable text area.
      - Modification of Damage Report now submits to the database as appropriate.
    o User Admin -> Browse Users -> Add User
      - Modified to add new user based on current registrants home country and
        associated province or state.
      - Add New User functionality now submits registration for a new user upon request
        with defaulted home country.
      - Note: country is non-modifiable, based on currently logged in user's country.
    o User Admin -> Browse Users -> Edit
      - Country defaulted as non-modifiable text for registrant
      - Province or State menus are dynamic based on the country
      - Postal code and Zip code are dynamic based on the province.
      - Zip/Postal code validation algorithm applied
    o Edit Profile
      - Country defaulted as non-modifiable text for registrant
      - State, Province, Zip, Postal Code are all dynamic text as they correspond to
      - Pull-down menus dynamically built for province/state
      - Postal/Zip code validation applied
      - Edit Profile now submits to the database as appropriate.
    o Canadian and U.S. logins to DIRT are detected and reflected in upper right
      hand corner of every screen

DIRT Canada version 3.9.1 Initial Progress Release September 24, 2004

    High Level Release Notes for Progress Release 3.9.1 of DIRT Canada
    o   DIRT software registration process is completely refactored to
        accomodate registration by a U.S. or Canadian registrant.
        - Dynamic population of states for U.S. and provinces for Canada.
        - County pull-down menu population is dynamic and based on State/Province.
        - State Province lookups completed by actual Country Identifier
        - One Call Center list updated to reflect Ontario One Call
    o   File Upload Specification generator is re-designed to operate for multiple
        countries (currently U.S. and Canada).

[Version 3.2.1 Release September 22, 2004]

Demo and review of DIRT v3.2 was originally completed on 06/24,25/2004 in Golden, Colorado A subsequent set of features was voted on and amended as DIRT v3.2.1

    High Level Release Notes for Major Release 3.2.1
    o   New Features
        - Right of Way
        - Editable Stakeholder Group
        - Duplicate Data Detection
        - DIRT User Administration
        - Member and Non-Member reporting (amended feature)
        - Terms and Conditions now preceeds the Registration process (amended feature)
        - State of Connecticut data load (amended feature)

    o   Bug fixes
        - Query Wizard redirect to Main Menu

    o   Miscellaneous
        - DIRT Security Whitepaper posted on https://www.cga-dirt.com/presentation/
        - Terms & Conditions pop-up window on Login screen
        - Feedback link changed to 'Feedback & Support'
        - New Feedback & Support Menu Options
        - CGA Contact information updated on Login screen
        - Upated User Guide contents
        - State of Connecticut data load
          The State of CT data load project was first completed in June 2004 and
          deployed to DIRT's Sandbox for testing.  Testing proved successful and the
          data along with needed source code and underlying database changes were
          completed for DIRT on www.cga-dirt.com as part of this release.
          Contact Bob Kipp for details of the CT data load.

    Details of Major Release 3.2.1
    o Editable Stakeholder Group
        - The question, "Who is providing this information?" in Part A of the
          Damage Report form has been converted to an editable drop-down menu.
          The choices now include: Electric, Engineer/Design, Equipment Manufacturer,
          Excavator, Gas, Insurance, Locator, Oil, One Call Center, Private Water,
          Public Works, Railroad, Road Builders, State Regulator, Telecommunications,
          and Unknown/Other.  Supporting Automated Data Loader and Damage Report Edit
          functionality have also been modified to accomodate the change.
          Only one is selectable if modifying.  The original selection is automatically
          defaulted to the Stakeholder specified during registration.  This is
          a not a required field.

    o Right of Way
        - Part B: 'Date and Location of the event' has a new drop-down menu for
          "Right of way where the damage occured".  The menu choices are:
          Public - City Street, Public - State Highway, Private - Land Owner,
          Private - Business, Railroad, Pipeline, (data not collected), and
          Unknown/Other.  This is a required field.

    o Duplicate Data Detection
        - Duplicate damage data is no longer accepted via the
          conventional form-based submission or the widely used Automated Data Loader.
          Advanced duplicate data detection uses exact and fuzzy matching
          algorithms to trap the event and notify the user immediately.

    o User Administration
        - A set of tools is now available to the DIRT Application Administrator
          role, a.k.a. CGA Administrator.  This powerful role is now capable of
          performing the following tasks:
          - The email address of the user is now an editable field.  The DIRT
            Application Administrator can now update, correct, or otherwise modify
            the email address of the registrant.
          - Move a user to an "Inactive" state and vice-versa.  If a user is moved
            to "Inactive" he or she will receive an alert message when attempting to
            login.  They are directed to use the 'Feedback & Support' link to request
            that their account be "Activated" once again.  The DIRT Application
            Administrator can perform this to instantly allow the user to login again.
          - Reset a users "Lock Out Counts" to zero.  Occasionaly, a user may forget
            or type their password incorrectly.  For security reasons, DIRT keeps
            track of this.  The user is then "Locked Out" upon their Sixth (6)
            unsuccessful login attempt.  The user must use the 'Feedback & Support'
            link to request that their account be "Unlocked".
          - Force Password Reset is a feature implemented to allow a DIRT Application
            Administrator to reset a users password to something that they can
            communicate to the user.  It is here that the users password security
            information can also be updated, i.e. the three security questions asked
            during initial registration.

   o Member and Non-Member reporting (amended feature in DIRT v3.2.1)
    - Screen 4 of 5 during registration process for new company
      now accomodates non-members of the Common Ground Alliance.
      The membership is tracked in the company database table
      as true for members and false for non-members.

[Version 3.1 Release November 30, 2003]

Demo and review scheduled 12/3/2003 Tampa, Florida

    High Level Release Notes for Major Release 3.1
    o   New Features
        - Add New User capabilities under User Administration for Company and CGA Admins.
        - Duplicate File Upload detection
        - Feedback Browse along with submission to Oracle.
        - "Cpmpany/Organization" replaced instances of "Company" in registration process.
        - User's Guide implemented and accessible from Login and all screens.
        - Terms And Conditions acceptance functionality.
        - Underground miles option not available to non-facility and non-property owners.
        - Print screen capabilities for User Guide and File Upload Specification.

    o   Bug fixes
        - Typographical errors corrected throughout Login screen and application.
        - Close button on File Upload Details screen fixed.

    o   Miscellaneous
        - Close button added to File Upload screen
        - The word "Pilot" was removed.
        - Reformatted User Guide into standards compliant HTML
        - Added PDF download of User Guide

    Details of Major Release 3.1
    o   Add New User
        - Implemented RegistrantAddAction.java
          Completed handleSubmit method -- now validates the new registrant info,
          checks for existing email, and inserts the new Login and Registrant
          objects into the database with the roles and registrant already approved.
        - Implemented RegistrationAction.java, RegUtil.java:
          Refactored methods out of *Action into RegUtil so that they could
          be re-used in RegistrantAddAction.
        - RegistrantAddAction, registrantAdd.jsp, struts-config.xml, tiles-defs.xml,
        - Modified registrantBrowse.jsp, Messages.properties
        - new "Add User" button on the top-right of the form, to the right of
          "For Company..." if the user is either an APP_ADMIN or COMP_ADMIN.
        - web/* minor cleanup, eliminate duplicate javascript functions
          (all masthead/footer javascript calls now in global.js).
        - Put logged-in user info above the navigation links, add an icon
          instead of saying "...is logged in".  Include full name -- should
          help in cases where logged-in user is proxying for another company/user.

     o  Duplicate File Upload detection
        - Base the duplicate detection on RFC 1321 - The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
          (reference 1: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1321.html)
          (reference 2: http://www.rsasecurity.com/rsalabs/faq/3-6-6.html)
        - Implement a new method called dataloadByMd5sum in the Find.java class.
        - Locate the dataload by it's MD5 checksum

     o  Feedback browse
        - Implemented new FeedbackEditAction.java, feedbackEdit.jsp, FeedbackForm.java
        - Implement Feedback Edit functionality with ability to:
            o   add new comments
            o   change status
            o   assign by email address (DIRT Username)
        - Implementation of workflow-like behavior -- initially Feedback items are
            o   created with status==New.
           As soon as the first comment is added, it
            o   changes to status==Open.
           If ownership is assigned, it changes to
            o   status==Assigned.
           When completed, the status needs to be manually set to Closed.
        - Check for maximum comment length during validation.

        - Implement FeedbackUtil.java, feedback.txt
            o Include ownership info in email
            o Include owner in email CC list.

        - Implement FeedbackViewAction.java, feedbackView.jsp
            o Include ownership/assignment info.

     o  User's Guide
        - Completely reformat User's Guide into standardized HTML and add
          HTML anhoring mapped to Table of Contents
        - Install User Guide in table cell of login screen.
        - Implement JavaScript function to open a new browser window and load the
          HTML'ized User Guide. Add options to new function to removed location,
          menu, status bars and disable browser navigation buttons.  Pass option
          to make the window scrollable if document exceeds current window size.
        - Add screenX and ScreenY options to populate the new window at 100 pix x
          75 pix in Netscape.
        - Accomodate window proportioning in Internet Explorer browsers by using
          the Microsoft browser's pixel options of left and right axix.
        - Apply browser independent PDF download and print screen options as hyperlinks.

     o  Terms And Conditions
        - Implement termsConditions.jsp, TermsConditionsForm.java, TermsConditionsAction.java
        - Modify database schema Login table to accomodate boolean flag column
          of read_tc which returns true or false.
        - Modification to TermsConditionsAction
            o determine when the user has accepted the terms and conditions
            o update the database and set flag to true for this user
            o forward the user to the appropriate controller
        - Apply code modifications to the application baseAction java class which
          is extended by the TermsConditionsAction
            o utilize the checkRequiredRole() method and determine which controller
              we are on at this time in the user's session. Code the condition
              to forward the user to the new Terms and Conditions controller and
              prevent an infinite loop.

[Version 3.0.2 Release November 2, 2003]

Release Build pushed to cga-dirt.com

-----[Post 3.0 Release changes applied as v3.0.2 software build 11/02/2003]----

- Fix regression issue on Main Menu screen -- roles were not being

- Fix sorting on Company Admin screen.  Now sorts by company name.

- Changed 'Gas Pipeline' to Natural Gas in 'What type of Facility Operation
  was affected' on Damage Reporting Form.  Corresponding change will show
  up in File Upload Spec and validation rules as well.

- Completed purge of all damage reports, file uploads, and test registrants.

- Text conversion to DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) completed.

- Fixed Bug: Newly registered users who were registered by another user
  were not handled correctly on the login, forgotPassword, or registration
  screens.  Those users are now sent to the "verifyEmail" page where they
  need to enter the verification code they were emailed as well as enter
  their password and security information for the first time.

[Version 3.0.1 Release October 20, 2003]

Post Release Build pushed to cga-dirt.com

-----[Post 3.0 Release changes applied as v3.0.1 software build 10/20/2003]----

- 	Software name conversion started ...  National Damage Reporting is
    now known as DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool)

-       Remove delete damage report functionality.
        Completed Action: Removed delete functionality in
        o       damageReportEdit.jsp
        o       DamageReportEditAction.java
        o       fileUploadView.jsp
        o       FileUploadViewAction.java

-       Prepare stubbed Oracle script to delete invalid users and
        associated damage reports.
        Completed Action: Script developed and placed on Oracle machine
        o        Still need list of users to delete in prep. for rollout

-       new properties for newCompanyEmail template.

-       New "nc" forward for go.do, forwarding to companyBrowse.do, used in
        link in newCompanyEmail.

-       Clean up error with Feedback link on a page where user was redirected.

-       Refactor setting of userIsAdmin and userIsCompany form properties.

-       Handle the case where either the "to" or "cc" array could be null.

-       add logic to send newCompanyEmail when a new company is registered.
        Email gets sent to all CGA admins.

-       Add spacing before/after feedback acknowledgement.

-       switch stillVerifying JSP to use straight xhtml input type="submit"
        tag instead of html:submit, since we are inside a straight
        xhtml form tag, not a Struts html:form tag.

-       Only show "_____ is logged in" in the masthead if the user has
        *completed* registration.


[Version 3.0 Major Release September 2003]

Build 3.1.1 of Version 3.0 demononstration and acceptance on September 23, 2003 in Louisville, KY

| National Damage Reporting version 3.0 Milestones:
| 06/15/2003 - Begin NDR 3.0 Development
| 07/04/2003 - Infrastructure complete for 3.0 support
| 07/20/2003 - Initial compile after JSTL conversion + unit tests
| 07/24/2003 - NDR 3.0 compiling + unit tests
| 07/27/2003 - NDR 3.0 Registration Process working + unit tests
| 08/02/2003 - NDR 3.0 File Upload Re-engineering complete + unit tests
| 08/07/2003 - NDR 3.0 Browse Functionality for Companies complete
| 08/11/2003 - NDR 3.0 User Admin Browse complete + unit tests
| 08/16/2003 - NDR 3.0 bulk development complete.
| 08/17/2003 - NDR 3.0 Unit Testing, QA, Documentation, Release Prep.
| 08/24/2003 - NDR 3.0 Build 3.1.1 pushed to cga-dirt.com
| 09/01/2003 - NDR 3.0 Build 3.1.2 pushed to cga-dirt.com
| 09/04/2003 - NDR 3.0 Build 3.1.3 pushed to cga-dirt.com
| 09/12/2003 - NDR 3.0 Build 3.1.4 pushed to cga-dirt.com
| 09/12/2003 - New feedbackAction controller installed in build 3.1.4
| 09/18/2003 - New Damage Report View functionality to take advantage of Roles.
|   ...
|   ...
| 09/23/2003 - Version 3.0 Release Planning & Live Demo in Louisville
| National Damage Reporting version 3.0 Work Breakdown & Assumptions 	|
| Version 3.0 was accepted in Louisville, Kentucky on 9/23/2003         |
| Work started on post release enhancements, fixes, release preparation |
| on 9/24/2003.

---[ Release Notes for 9/18/2003 Damage Report View functionality ]---

- Damage Report View re-engineered to take full advantage of the Roles
  defined within National Damage Reporting.
  *) CGA Administrators can View, Modify, and Delete Damage Reports for any
      Company, including their own. As previously described and developed,
      CGA Administrators can approve new companies and new users.
  *) Company Administrators can View and Modify Damage Reports.
      Company Administrators can also approve and reject users for their
  *) Managers only View and Modify Damage Reports for their company only.
  *) Users can view only their own Damage Reports.
  *) Modify button on View screen appears only for Managers,
     Company Administrators, CGA Administrators.
- A note to CGA Administrators: Users must log out and then log back in
  after you alter their role.
  Example: If CGA-Administrator-1 promotes USER-A to Manager, USER-A would
  need to log out and the log back in to see their role has changed.
  In the event the role is altered when the person is not logged in, they
  would see the change the next time they log in.

---[ Release Notes for Build 3.1.4 of version 3.0 ]---

- Modify button *only* available for Managers and CGA Administrators on the
  Damage Report View screen.  Boolean checks determine who is logged in
  and which roles are assigned.  Buttons are displayed accordingly.
  Summary: Only Manager and CGA Administrators will have Modify button.

- Damage Reporting Edit/Modification process is now engineered to only allow
  Managers to edit damage reports within their own company.  In addition,
  CGA Administrators can edit damage reports globally.  In either case, the
  ownership is no longer changed to the person logged in performing the edit.
  The original company maintains ownership.  *NOTE* This altered feature is
  currently being tested in Development and is not included in version 3.0
  build 3.1.4.

- Unique software application username replaced firstname lastname in the
  who's logged in section of the mastheader.  This is particulary useful for
  QA Testing where folks have more than one account with different roles.
  Production pilot could revert to firstname lastname of who is logged in if
  need be.

- Main Menu addtion to describe roles/priveleges you currently have.  Static
  checkboxes represent the assignments and static unchecked boxes represent
  other roles/priveleges in that you do not have.

- Feedback now provided User Agent field which identifies the browser the
  user is using on NDR and supplying feedback with.

---[ Release Notes for Build 3.1.3 of version 3.0 ]---

- Introduction of complete modification process of a damage report.
  The 'Modify Damage Report' screen is accessible via the Main Menu
  Browse Damage Reports -> "Choose ID or Row" -> Modify
  It is on the 'Modify Damage Report' screen that you will have 3 buttons:
  Done, Save Changes, and Delete.
  Choosing Done will simply close the window without making changes as in the
  case were you only attempting the view the original data.
  The Save Changes button updates the Oracle database with your changes
  to the original damage report and returns the user to the main menu.
  The changes to the damage report can be verified by Browsing for the
  damage report once again.
  The Delete button will 'DELETE' the damage report from the
  National Damage Reporting database.

  Please note that the View Damage Report screen is outputting all data,
  however, the layout of the screen still needs to be altered to match
  data layouts throughout the application.

  Development will now be concentrating on the concerns raised by Andrew
  with regard to how the Modification of a damage report should work. A
  separate email will be sent on 9/5/2003 to cga_dr_tech@uncc.org to
  address the concern and explain how we have built in contraints to help
  handle the the situation described.

---[ Release Notes for Build 3.1.2 of version 3.0 ]---

- Clarification of 'CGA Administrator Role'
  A "CGA Administrator" is a role that was identified in later readings of
  the "Registration Subcommittee Final Report, May 31, 2003" document.
  The CGA Administrator is allowed to view/modify all companies, all
  registrants, and all damage reports.
  In addition, a CGA Administrator is responsible for approving new companies
  and new company administrators.
  Because of the power inherent in this role, it is not a choose-able option
  at registration time.  The CGA Administrator role may only be granted those
  permissions by another CGA Admin.

- Bug fixes below originally reported by Mike Shallow on August 31, 2003

- Fixed problem with damage Report logic:
  The validate method needed altering.  It now behaves as expected --
  a. If users leaves "No" as the setting for Part E: "Did the excavator
    notify the one-call notification center?", they *must* choose
    a Root Cause of "No notification made to the one-call center".
  b. If user chooses "Yes" as the setting for this question, they
    *must* choose a different Root Cause.

- Fixed problem with saving a damageReport.  Was getting an internal
  persistence layer exception w.r.t. committing an unsaved object
  Needed to ensure that if dr.getOnecallCenter().getId() == null, that
  dr.setOnecallCenter(null) is called before saving to Oracle.  Same
  goes for all the other null-able many-to-one associations configured
  in DamageReport.hbm.xml.

---[ Original Release Notes for Build 3.1.1 of version 3.0 ]---
- Administrators are based on a *company* relationship, rather than
  a *state* relationship.

- US only

Build environment
- Update to latest dev. tools (JDK, Ant, Tomcat, Struts, DBCP, etc.)
- Update build process for production-style builds (.war packaging, etc.)

Production environment:
- Conversion of cga-dirt.com database services to Oracle
- cga-dirt.com email services - secured smtp and imap

Data model modifications to support relations between REGISTRANT and
STAKEHOLDER_GROUP for administrators and members.
- STAKEHOLDER_GROUP table and relations to REGISTRANT for administrators
  and members.
- Add STAKEHOLDER_CATEGORY lookup table to allow subsetting of stakeholder
  groups by industry [poss. spec change]
- Table to store REQUESTED_ROLE(s) at registration time.
- Damage report AUDIT_TRAIL table to track edits to damage reports
- New DDL generation of Oracle database tables

Role modifications:
- REGISTRANT: Only privs. are email verification
- DAMAGE REPORTING USER: Only allowed to upload and input damage reports
- PROXY: Able to have multiple REGISTRANTS
  associated with their login, used for submitting damage reports for
  companies that do not have email accounts or Internet access.
- MANAGER: Able to approve new DAMAGE REPORTING USERS for *only* their company.
  Will be able to edit, delete, browse, and report on any damage report
  for their company.
- CGA ADMINISTRATOR: Able to approve new Companies, Managers (and other users).
  Will be able to edit, delete, browse, and report on *all* damage reports
  in the system.
- Remove REPORT_ADMIN and APPROVER ROLES as workflow type registration and
  approval was introduced in v3.0.
  Complete UI changes in JSP (View), add Struts Java Framework Actions &  Forms.

Site modifications:
- Include the File Upload spec link on the front page
- Include a global "Help" link throughout the document that brings up
  a Help page.
- Include a new FAQ document, linked from the front page and the help page
- Main Menu page to display user's current Role(s), their Stakeholder group
  (and contact info for the Stakeholder group)

Registration modifications:
- Registrants must enter or look up their Stakeholder Administrator
  [spec change: require users to select a stakeholder category and then
  pick from a list of stakeholder groups for that category?]
- Registrants must choose their requested roles at login time: Manager or
- Allow Manager registrants to enter multiple User registration requests
- Send new registrants an Initial Verification Form email which introduces
  why they are receiving this email and a *link* [spec change] to their
  Initial Verification Form on the website [this ensures that the remainder
  of the data entry is completed over and encrypted/authenticated SSL
- Upon completion of IVF email, a request to approve these new registrants
  are sent to the applicable Stakeholder Administrator(s).  This email will
  contain a *link* [spec change] to their Approval Form on the website
  [ensuring authenticated/encrypted data entry]
- Add Telephone Interview Script to Approval Form page (link that when clicked
  pops up a web page w/interview text)
- New form to request a new Stakeholder Group, must include group name,
  company name(s), stakeholder administrator, ...
- For users registering as Stakeholder Administrators, the CGA Administrator
  will need to perform the approval, following the same steps as above.
- All emails will CC the CGA Administrator(s).

Annual Verification Report [NOT DEFINED FOR VERSION 3.0]
  - Initial thoughts
  . new Annual Verification page, available only to CGA Administrators
  . choose Stakeholder group
  . view most recent verification reminder date (initial date will be
    the date the Stakeholder was approved)
  . view stakeholder administrator information
  . view list of all users for that stakeholder group
  . send reminder email (and update verification reminder date)

Damage Report Edit Form [IN DEVELOPMENT AS OF BUILD 3.1.1 v3.0]
- Available only to Managers, Stakeholder Administrators, and CGA Admin's
- Managers can edit any damage reports for their company
- Stakeholder Administrators can edit damage reports for any company
  in their stakeholder group (which may include > 1 company)
- CGA Administrators may edit any damage report
- Browse page allows deleting and selecting for edit any applicable damage
  report for current user (see above).
- Edit page allows any damage report form field to be updated
- "User" roles cannot access the edit or delete functionality for their
  damage reports.

Reporting Functionality - [NOT DEFINED FOR VERSION 3.0]
- Need reporting support & requirements for new roles.
- Need report to view changes made to damage reports (based on audit trail)
- Need report requirements for CGA Administrator
- Assumptions - Grouping by Month
- Assumptions - Grouping by State
- ...

|BEGIN National Damage Reporting version 3.0 Change Log			|
- Initial rework to bring up to latest Tomcat, Ant, Struts, JSTL standards
- All libraries up to current revisions (struts, et. al)
- Ported all the pages over to JSTL and the new struts-el tags.
  This means using c:out instead of bean:write, c:forEach instead
  of logic:iterate, etc.
- Ported all the JSP pages over to the Tiles framework.  Tiles are
  defined in *ile*-defs.xml, define layouts and generic
  page componenets in .../layouts/*, rewrite JSP body pages in
- Ported to the Hibernate persistence framework.  Subtasks were:
  . define the 2.2 data model in Hibernate XML format
  . added Ant tasks to generate persistable Bean classes
  . added Ant tasks to generate SQL schema
  . Moved all the data defaults to separate .sql files
  . Added Ant task to create database and load with defaults
  . Rewrote ALL Action classes that did direct SQL access against
    the database to use Hibernate for data access (search for
    calls to params.getDbSession()).
  . Altered all forms that had detailed, persist-able data to use the
    hibernate-generated Bean classes instead of duplicating properties
    (damage reporting, admin verify, registration, profile, password,
- Fixed all the JSPs to use the redefined form classes

java src/*:
- Fixed all source code to compile and deploy cleanly.
- Rewrote PoolMgr.java to allocate Connections using a DataSource, based on
  commons-dbcp (BasicDataSource), configured as a JNDI resource in
  Tomcat server.xml.
- Added commons-codec library to replace c-o-s Base64 dependency
- Clean up calls to deprecated Struts methods.  Now compiles cleanly
  with the deprecation flag on.

- Convert existing data model to Hibernate *.hbm.xml format, move SQL
 initialization to *.def.sql.

- Add new Ant targets, db.*, to generate DDL and Java from Hibernate
  *.hbm.xml files.

- Clean up logging config to meet standards

- switched cvs (concurrent versioning system)  notification tools

Define all National Damage Reporting pages as tiles.

- Redefine all JSP forwards with Tiles paths, referencing names in

web/*.jsp, *.inc, ...:
- rearrange web pages to be based on "Tiles" framework

- Fixed remaining compile errors after retrofitting RegistrationForm.
- Moved all *Action classes to the org.cga.control package
- Moved all *Form classes to the org.cga.form package
- Switched all persistence code to use Hibernate and the new
  org.cga.bean.* classes.
- Switched all forms to be derived from DynaActionForm and be
  containers for org.cga.bean.* classes.  Should help reduce
  setter/getter duplication and keep most form properties
  declared in struts-config.xml

- moved to the org.uncc.resources package

- java.lang.Integer and java.lang.Boolean are used
  instead of int/integer/boolean when the column is null-able.

- switch property name to hibernate.connection.datasource.

- Fixed All label boxes needed to be light grey instead of medium grey.
- Fixed javascript focus errors.
- Cleaned up more CSS and layout probems on the login page.
  Now looks as similar as possible in Mozilla, Safari, and IE on
  multiple operating systems.
- Installed Fixes for:
. login
. logout (only show message on a *real* logout where the user is
  removed from the session)
. registration
. password request
. display of releaseNotes page
. feedback
. admin verify (summary page only)

Build Page titles in Messages.properties for:
. registration
. password request
. release notes
. logout
. adminVerify

- Clean-up of css styles.  Allow the user's browser to override the
  font size setting.  Fix some link sizes/settings, etc.

- Fixed form and display of "Feedback" link.  Only make it available if
  we know the current JSP and controller name.
- Fixed layout and JavaScript problems for Feedback Link.
- VDamageReport needed to be added.
- Now have initial set of JSPs and controllers working in new framework:
    - login
    - logout
    - registration
    - forgotPassword
    - mainMenu
All pages in the National Damage Reporting application now display
without throwing exceptions.
- Ensured that editProfileForm and changePasswordForm are
  declared the same as registrationForm.
- Add tile definition for reports
- Update hibernate-tools.jar to generate a "get" method for an
  object of type java.lang.Boolean instead of an "is" method.
  The Struts bean introspection tags do not like an "is" method
  for non-primitive type. (update DamageReportForm accordingly)
- ReportsAction needed to return the ActionForward for Const.FWD_DEFAULT
  rather than its old value.
- RegistrationForm was validating the email address on a profile
  update when it should not do so... Fixed.
- extensive changes to bring damageReport.jsp, changePassword.jsp,
  editProfile.jsp, and reports.jsp up to current standards.
- Revised 4-step Registration process now appears to be rock-solid and

- Add new Ant target:
  ant db.approve target which will allow approval of logins, companies,
  and registrants for developers while developing the functionality.

RegistrationAction, RegistrationForm:
- Add special handling for the "memberFlag" indicating whether user is
  a CGA member -- if user picks No, reset the form var and display an
  error message.
- Fix handling for submission of the Company info page, checkign to make
  sure there is a match on the Damage Reporting Manager, either by
  email or by name (do a case-insensitive match).  Introduce this
  query into the Hibernate persistence layer.
- Fix error where Login object's username was not getting populated on
  initial creation.
- Handle the case where the database generates "0" for any object ID by
  deleting and re-inserting that object (Hsqldb IDENTITY columns seem
  to start with 0 on the very first insert).

- Add new flush() method

- Add a Hibernate ShutdownListener to release resources from SessionFactory

- new "nlc" method that returns null for empty strings, or lower case
  for non-empty.

- Add pick lists for all values.

- Send user to mainMenu controller rather than logout.  Eliminates
  redundant login for the email verification step.

- clean up button styles and double-check email text messages

Cleaned up ROLE definitions so that we're down to the 4 that are necessary
to meet CGA requirements:
- REGISTRANT: same as before, not privs in the app except to verify their
- CONTRIBUTOR: this needs to be called Damage Reporting User in the UI.
  Should only be allowed to upload and input damage reports.
- PROXY: same definition as before, able to have multiple REGISTRANTS
  associated with their login, used for submitting damage reports for
  companies that do not have email
- MANAGER: able to approve new CONTRIBUTOR's for *only* their company.
  Will be able to edit, delete, browse, and report on any damage report
  for their company.
- APP_ADMIN: This needs to be called CGA Administrator in the UI.
  Able to approve new Companies, Managers (and other users).  Will
  be able to edit, delete, browse, and report on *all* damage reports
  in the system.

-  Fixed File Upload that had a prob with the Spec page and its
   directory setting inside of jsp file.

- Inserted new table for file uploader on login screen along with
  forwarder to spec and brief description per requirement.

- Added jsp stubs for 3.0 release notes in jsp

- Fix File Upload problem with the Spec page and its directory setting

- Add File Upload link on the Login page so that it is accessible w/o
  registering with the app.

- Fix File Upload Spec errors -- Move controller logic to a separate Action
  class, FileUploadSpecAction.  Remove spec code from FileUploadAction

- Remove "Reports" link on main menu for users with only the CONTRIBUTOR
  role.  Should only be available for MANAGER's and APP_ADMINs.

- Re-engineer and test FileUpload action and UploadParser -- major changes
  needed to work against DamageReport object model instead of doing straight
  PreparedStatement insert's into the database.

- UploadParser now correctly handles missing last column which is optional.
  Excel Energy apparently doesn't put the last delimiter in place if the
  last column is empty for both CSV and Tab-delimited output.

- FileUploadAction and UploadParser check for ID values == 0 on insertion and
  attempt to correct the problem by deleting and re-inserting.

- Move sample files to webapp root/adl/* rather than directly in the webapp
  root.  Allows consistent hyperlinking from webappr root/control/*.do

- Damage Report Browse screen for MANAGER and APP_ADMIN users.  Managers
  can only browse their current company.  APP_ADMIN users should be able to
  browse by any company.

- File Upload Browse and File Upload View screen for MANAGER and APP_ADMIN
  users.  Managers can only browse their current company.  APP_ADMIN users
  should be able to browse by any Company.  Links to FileUploadView
  screen, w/same security constraints.  In addition, APP_ADMIN users have
  the ability to delete a File Upload with ALL its associated damage
  reports (uses Javascript-based confirmation dialog).

- Fixed paging bugs on Damage Report and File Upload browse screens.
  Required an upgrade to Hibernate 2.0.2.  A clean build is required
  to take advantage of this (db rebuild not necessary, though).

- Re-engineered Registration process once again, in order to meet the
  *exact* CGA requirements.  This entailed:
  . Changing the process to a 5-step process
  . Add the selection of Company Administrator as a possible role on
    Page 3/5
  . Allow *any* role to request the addition of a new company on page 4/5
    (existing company)
  . On page 4/5 (new company), require the entry of Company Administrator
    information if the user is not registering as the Company Administrator.
  . On page 5/5, allow the entry of additional registrants if the user
    is registering as a Manager or Company Administrator
  . Alter the validation framework to support the above logic
  . Alter the "registration save" code to support the above logic
- Create "Initial Verification" and "Registrant Verification" emails per
  the spec.  Add "Email Verification" form based on the contents of Initial
  Verification to send to all registrants.  Note that there is some minor
  variation from the spec with respect to form submission -- users need to
  click on a *link* in the email to submit the form rather than replying
  to the email.  Required in order to maintain security.
- Add COMP_ADMIN Role to the database
- Add TITLE column to the Registrant table.  The specification called for
  the Administrator title to be required.  Add "Title" field to Registrant,
  New Company, and Additional Registrant pages.
- Updated with remaining Email Verify, Company, User, Damage Report,
   and File Upload page changes.
- Damage Report Submission problem that has to do with reloading
  the screen with appropriate one-call centers after selecting yes to
  'Locate Requested'. Re-Engineered.

- Registration Verification Form email templates -- updated to use
  the /go.do?f=xx&aram1=val1... scheme.
- Create a new "GoAction" that can be used for short URLs.  It takes the
  first f=xx query parameter, checks its local 's for a match
  and then forwards the remaining parts of the URL onto that Action.
  Used for deep linking to possibly long names.  Necessary for verification
  emails to ensure that the clickable URL is no longer than 75 chars.
- Email verify page: re-engineered to
  . no longer require the user to be logged in before they hit the page
  . look up the login/security info solely based on the secure token the
    first time through.
  . check whether the user needs to have their password and security
    information set.  Display and validate a form with that info if
  . on submission, save the new password and security information it
    it was entered.
  . re-engineer the "Re-Send" behavior to match above constraints.
- Fixed Damage Report Submission for complete record of required fields.
  . When selecting Yes to Part E 'Did the excavator notify the one-call
    notification center?' the page was reloading in an attempt to load the
    One-Call Center drop down menu and comes back with only Parts A, B, and C
- Converted damageReportSuccess.jsp to tiles format and replaced bean:write
  with c:out
- Perform QA Testing on Damage Report submissions, new registrations as
  user, manager, administator
- Perform QA Testing on Browse Company and Browse Damages screens.
- Perform QA Testing on File Upload of good and bad files.
- Fix verifyEmail action -- was getting an exception retrieving the "login"
  property.  Was caused by an incorrect conflict resolution of
  v2.2 struts-config.xml.  Back-ported changes to struts-config.xml.
- Fix URL truncation problem in verification emails.  Now correctly
  fills in the host:port portion of the URL based on the current request
  Host header.
- Re-engineer substitution strategy in email text.  Now uses Ant-style
   substitutions (see the org.uncc.util.Subst class and
  its usage in RegistrationAction).  MessageFormat was problematic because
  it only replaces the *first* occurence of {n}, not all occurences.
- Fixed NullPointerExceptionn in GoAction when user clicked on f=vr link
  (from initial or registrant verification email).
- Fix error in DamageReportForm.validate when it attempts to set the
  "dr.joinTrench" property to null.  Needed to use PropertyUtils.setProperty
  method since these were nested properties.  The DynaActionForm itself
  only knows how to set("name", value) for one level deep.
- Complete Company Verify screen, allowing CGA Admins to approve new
  Companies and their unapproved Registrants.
- Complete Company Edit screen, allowing CGA Admins to edit Company
  properties.  The Registrant list is a list of registrants
  that, when clicked, takes user to registrantEdit.do.
- User Admin (Browse) page: initially shown when user clicks on the User
  Admin link.  Displays a list of all the *Un-Approved* registrants for
  this company on the top.  If there are any un-approved registrants,
  each one is shown with a Role selector and an "Approve" and "Reject"
  button, with individual submits for each one.
  Below, displays list of all Verified users associated with a given company.
  Company Admins and managers can only see their company.  App Admins
  can see all companies.  When a list item is clicked, it takes user to
  the User View page.
- Company Admin page now correctly sends email on Company and/or Registrant
- User Admin (Browse) page now has a complete implementation of Approve
  and Reject, including sending email to the COMP_ADMIN users for the
  Registrant's Company as well as the APP_ADMIN (CGA Administrator) users.
- Add stub implementation of DamageReportView action, jsp, struts-config,
  and tiles-defs.
- Fix the DamageReportBrowse and FileUploadView screens so that they
  correctly point at damageReportView.
- User View page: only available to Manager, Company Admin and
  App Admin-level users.  Shown when user clicks on link from User Browse
  page.  Displays all the LOGIN and REGISTRANT info for that user.  For
  Company and App Admins, an Edit button is shown that takes the user
  to the User Edit page.
- User Edit page: only available to Company Admin and App Admin users.
  Displays entry fields for all the LOGIN and REGISTRANT admin-editable
- Cache Role-by-ID and Role-by-Name lookups.  Only hits the database the
  very first time.
- Damage Report Browse screen is now available for all approved users.  App
  Admins get to browse any company, Company Admins and Managers can only
  browse their company, Contributors can only browse *their* damage reports.
- Added a "Close" button (and corresponding form ) to all screens.

- Damage Report View screen off of Browse screen now displaying data by id

- Fixed stack trace error on Edit Profile screen -- was getting an
  "Invalid property name 'adminLogin'" in the RegistrationForm.reset(...)
  method.  Needed to add a check in that method to see whether this
  DynaActionForm is actually configured with any of the "adm..." properties
  before trying to set them.

- Fixed stack trace error on Change Password screen at the same time --
  same fix from above fixed this error, too.

- Fix errors on proxyLogin controller and JSP compile errors on proxyLogin.jsp
  that were blocking the "ant war" target for pilot build.

- Prepare Ant build process for Build 3.1.1 Version 3.0 for cga-dirt.com

- Oracle export process implemented for nightly backups of National
  Damage Reporting Oracle database.
| END National Damage Reporting version 3.0 Change Log 			|

[Version 2.2 Released February 2002]

Build 5.3.1 of Version 2.2 on January 20, 2003 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- Feature complete build of National Damage Reporting includes
  o https secure socket layer security
  o pure java based web-application using industry leading Struts Java Framework
  o email based login
  o registration process inludes user and associated company
  o token based validation process for registrants
  o password request
  o main menu
    - Damage Report
      Conforms to 9.1 and includes sections A - I
      Damage Reports utilize State to County and State to Onecall Center
      dynamic mapping.
    - File Upload
      Allows automated mass uploads for Tab, Comma, and Pipe delimited data.
      State Driven File Upload Specification to explain uploading practices
    - Reports
      Access to all Damage Reports submitted by User
      Users with more than 20 Damage Reports in the system will be presented
      with the Query Wizard link.  Query Wizard is a dynamic SQL builder
      for generating custom reports.  Note that requirements from CGA
      are needed for default report layout.  The existing report layout
      demonstrates the html output type.
    - Admin Verification
      Administrators of the software are presented with a link to be used
      for approving registrants and companies.
    - Edit Profile
      Users have the ability to modify information originally submitted
      at registration time, e.g. change phone number, last name, state
    - Change Password
      Users are able to request that their password be changed via
      a one step process in which they answer questions originally asked
      during original registration
    - Logout
      Users can log out of the application at any time by clicking the
      'Log Out' link.  Their secure session between client and server
      is immediately terminated for security purposes.

- All cosmetic changes requested by CGA on January 13, 2003 in Lakewood, CO.
  have been applied to the Damage Report Form.  This includes spelling and

- Implemented requested enhancement to page 2 of 3 of the Registration process.
  The user is now prompted for "Who is providing this information?"
  and "Name of person providing information:" during the registration
  process.  The values will be used in the Damage Report Form.
  The new menu is composed of the values indicated on
  CGA Form 9-1, in alphabetical order: Excavator, Facility Owner,
  Locator, Property Owner, Unknown/Other.
  o Database schema, Application Model Interface, View, and Action classes
    were all affected and modified to accomodate the change.

- Implemented requested enhancement to Damage Report Form.
  The Form now displays 'Part A' and include the information gathered
  from the user during the registration process.
  o Database schema, Model Interface, View, and Action classes
    were all affected and modified to accomodate the change.

- Implemented requested enhancement to Damage Report Form menus
  o All menus have been placed in alphabetical order.
  o Excavator Downtime Hours menu has been altered to menu choices provided by CGA.
  o Added (i.e. near miss) to the 'No' option pull-down choice for
    "Was there damage to a facility?"
  o Customers Affected menu has been altered to menu choices provided by CGA.
  o Duration of Outage menu has been altered to menu choices provided by CGA.
  o Altered menu choices for 'Number Fatalities' to meet CGA Requirements.
  o Altered menu choices for 'Number People Injured' to meet CGA Requirements.
  o Database schema, Application Model Interface, View, and Action classes
    were all affected and modified to accomodate the change.

- Altered Damage Report Success screen to be consistent with the rest
  of the application, e.g. buttons, fonts, styles, header, footer,
  and navbar

- Altered File Upload Specification to CGA specs,
  matching Damage Reporting screen,
  with all lookup tables generated from the database, to match the
  damage reporting form exactly as it was frozen on January 13, 2003

- Altered File Upload functionality to meet CGA specs.
  o Altered FileUploadAction class to CGA specs, matching File Upload Spec.

- User verification code changed from 10 characters to 6 per request.

- Fixed the Password Request bug where the user was still locked out
  having used too many guesses.  The system now resets the number of
  bad guesses back to 0 upon successful completion of Password Request
  and setting of a new password.

    Testing of build 5.3.1 release 2.2 will begin on Tuesday January 21, 2003

    During this time, all users and committee members are asked to spend time
    navigating through the National Damage Reporting application and look for things
    that may be questionable in terms of functionality, etc.

    As a team, we are looking for "bugs" in the software.
    A bug would be described as "I clicked on this button and received an error."

    The process for reporting a bug to the software developers is as follows:
    While logged into the application click on the 'Pilot Feedback' link
    in the lower right hand corner of your screen.  You will be presented
    with a form to complete.  Try and include the error message in the
    comments section of the form to help us track down the problem.
    It would also be helpful to explain what you were doing when you
    received the error.  The form contents are then mailed to
    cga_dr_tech@uncc.org which includes the developers.

    It is important to go into testing with a clear distinction between
    "bugs" and "features".  A bug is when something goes wrong or when
    an existing feature causes an error.  A feature can be described as
    something you may want the software to do in the future or something
    the software does now according to the business requirements.

    Software testing will end on Monday January 27, 2003.  At this point,
    the committee and the software developers will have their scheduled
    7:45 MDT conference call to determine "Acceptance" and next steps.

Build 5.3 of Version 2.2 on January 13, 2003 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- Alter Damage Reporting screen to CGA specs.  This includes selection of
  State, then County

- Re-ordered and labeled Damage Reporting form to match the CGA Form 9-1
  as most recently provided by Andrew Lu

- Change separate Address and Street fields to non-required Street Address

- Enforced strict date validation so that 15/5/2002 is no longer allowed

- Added Sewer to Facility Damaged pick list

- Change form when the "did excavator notify the one-call center?" gets
  picked -- makes elements of Part F required if "Y", makes them static
  n/a if "N".

- Added all form elements, database schema changes, etc. for Part G
  (description of excavator downtime)

- Added form element for "was there damage to a facility" as well as
  associated validation and database schema changes.

- Change form elements in Part H to be chosen from pick lists instead of
  entered as free-form text fields.  Where ranges were not provided, some
  sample ranges were inserted.  Note that the database will store the
  lower integer values for these ranges.

- Updated all pick-list values for Part I, description of the root cause,
  to match form 9-1.

- Implemented validation logic such that if the user selects "N" for
  locate requested, they MUST select "no notification made to the one call
  center" as the root cause, and vice versa.

- Fix the Admin Verify problem where registrants could not be verified.
  This was related to the state code -> stateId change.

- Damage Reporting Form: default the State to the Registrant's state

- Removed Company Tier information from AdminVerify screen(s)
  (presentation layer and database schema layer)

- Registration: prompt user for Company Phone number on the Registration 2/3
  page, indicate that this information MAY be verified by CGA personnel.

- Reports JSP page should only show controls and header if the
  result list contains ANY content.  In the case of 0 rows, it should
  show a Message, not an Error.

- Fix stack trace error if user leaves up the verifyEmail page and the
  APPROVER deletes the registrant (was getting a SQLException in
  the call to user.reload).

Build 5.2 of Version 2.2 on January 10, 2003 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- The Damage Reporting form now submits the data to the database after the
  massive database schema changes and presentation layer updates in
  Builds 5.1 and 5.2

- The following fields have been added in the presentation layer of
  the main Damage Report and all back-end java framework and database
  changes have been completed.
  * Type of Locator pull-down menu (required)
    -> Database table created to hold the values supplied to pull-down
       as Utility Owner, Contract Locator, Other
  * Did excavator notify the one-call center (required)
  * Were facility marks visible in the area of the excavation (required)
  * Were facilities marked correctly (required)
  * Added framework handling for Yes/No pull-downs in the above
  * The above was completed to accomodate Andrew Lu's email request
    for changes with feedback to Build 5.1
- Modified Type of Work Performed menu choices
  -> eliminated 'Pipeline' and replaced with 'Gas'

- NOTE: The committee must settle and finalize the main Damage Reporting
        form before QueryWizard and FileUpload will work correctly.
        As of this Build 5.2 the reports link is inoperable.  This is
        due to the massive undertaking in the database layer to
        accomodate the interrim builds of 5.1 and 5.2

        Depending on feedback volume on Damage Reporting form
        we'll attempt to have Reports back up and running in a 5.3 build
        over the weekend assuming the Damage Reporting form doesn't take too much more
        work to accomodate.

- Release notes ordered top to bottom

- Fixed software bug in Edit Profile where City was been shown as
  Last Name.  A logout and then Log back in may be required depending
  on the browser to see the changes.

- Build 5.3 will take place over the weekend of January 11 & 12, 03.
  This is the build that will be used for the live demo on January 13, 03.

  Many accomodations and changes along with increased functionality
  have been introduced in Builds 5.1 and 5.2.  Our hope is to return
  the application to being feature complete, i.e. all features working
  and a 'settled on' damage reporting form for build 5.3.
  Feedback on 5.1 indicated that there were only two critical pieces
  to add to the main Damage Report and they were #8 & #9 of Andrew Lu's
  feedback January 9, 2003.  These will be addressed in build 5.3

Build 5.1 of Version 2.2 on January 9, 2003 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- The Damage Reporting form should be closer to what all parties have agreed on.

- State selection is now "live".

- As soon as a State is chosen, the County pick list appears with only the
  relevant counties for the given state.

- As soon as a State is chosen, the Onecall Center pick list appears with only
  the relevant onecall centers for the given state.
  This information is based on a list that Rudy found online.

- Most other pick-lists updated to match the form 9.1

- Massive underlying database schema changes to accomodate Build 5.1

- NOTE: submitting a damage report does not yet work
  -- there are form validation java classes and routines that still need to
     be updated.

- Alteration to the registration and edit profile logic to use the same States
  list as the damage reporting form.

Build 5 of Version 2.2 on January 6, 2003 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- Completed field changes to main damage report form:
        - removed 'Description of Damage' from Location Information area.
        - removed 'Additional Information' from form.
        - added 'Developer' to 'Type of Excavator' drop-down menu
        - replaced 'RTD' with 'Public Transportation Authority'
        - rebuilt 'Notification' to be compliant with
          project summary requirements.
        - User Interface work completed

          *Developers have concerns with 'free-flowing' text areas for:
           A Type of Excavator 'Other' text box.
             Will 'Unknown' suffice or a larger list of options in the
             pull-down menu of 'Type of Excavator'
           B Notification and Locating is now 3 part
             1.) Was a locate requested ...?
             2.) If so, please provide ticket number ...
             3.) Indicate one-call center ....

           There are some potential data integrity issues here, however,
           we have some direction from a software development standpoint
           to share.

           It is recommended that the new 'Notification and Locating' area
           be a.) removed or b.) altered

- Fix incomplete delete for LOGIN and LOGIN_ROLE information when
  the REGISTRANT is deleted in the AdminVerifyAction.  NOTE: this is
  tricky because we should only delete from the LOGIN & LOGIN_ROLE tables
  if there are no more REGISTRANTs for this LOGIN -- e.g., if a user
  has the PROXY role w/3 REGISTRANTs for their single LOGIN, and
  we delete their registrant #2, we do NOT want to delete their login

- User Interface work complete and in place for:
   - Login
   - Register
   - Forgot Password
   - Main Menu
   - Damage Report
   - File Upload
   - Reports
   - Verify
   - Edit Profle
   - Change Password

- Complete implementation of Edit Profile functionality is in place

- In the AdminVerifyAction, send an email to the user when they are
  approved, indicating the next steps they should do.

- Fix Verification link bug -- right now it's showing up for users
  who do not have VERIFIER role.  Also if a user with only REGISTRANT
  and CONTRIBUTOR roles clicks on the Verify link or types in the
  URL for adminVerify.do, they get a REALLY strange error page with
  both a Message and Error box (both empty) with the message "Warning
  list is empty".  Yeech.

- Fix error.jsp display -- is looking for the pre-struts "warnings" list
  rather than using the Struts-std warnings/messages.  This shows up
  when you attempt to access an Action that you do not have the correct
  role for.

- Complete implementation of Change Password functionality is in place and
  includes the updating of associated security information.

- Make sure the security checks in UnccBaseAction are correct -- user
  should not be able to do ANYTHING other than email verification if
  their email address has not been verified.  Also they should not
  be able to do anything other than wait patiently if their Registrant
  information has not been approved.

- Complete implementation of Password Request functionality is in place
  with a few questions from development team.
  - Password Request screen -- allows user to use up 6 of their 5
    guesses.  Also, lets user through into the app when they finally
    guess their correct password but does NOT reset their BAD_BAC_GUESSES
    number.  Hmm... what should the correct behavior be here?  I think
    that after guessing the wrong password X number of times, the user
    should still have Y tries at guessing their Birthday/Animal/Color
    information.  When they use up those Y tries, it should lock out BOTH
    password and Birthday/Animal/Color guessing???

- Next steps before code freeze
  - Hammer out the changes and questions on the Damage Report Form
    - Verify against 9.1 Form
  - Make needed adjustments to File Upload per above Damage Report Form
  - Adjust and make the File Upload Specification functional based on the
  - Complete and implement 'click-through' style users guide
  - Transition Query Wizard into Java Framework and hook it up.
  - build cga-dirt.com email server (nice to have, but not essential)

Build 4 of Version 2.2 on December 30, 2002 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- https://www.cga-dirt.com is the URL

- Feedback link now pops up in a new window and submits to an Action
  to ensure that feedback gets logged to a file as well as emailed
  to cga_dr_tech.

- Feedback now includes the page path as well as the user's email
  address and company.

- Changed page wrapper to have the menu links embedded in the blue border
  but in nice high-contrast white.

- Blue border is now based on css style sheet for easier color change.

- All tags replaced with compliant tagging to be both XHTML 1.0 and Netscape

- java build.xml file modified:
  Allow tomcat server.xml file for the "tcdeploy" target to be overridden
  by specifying tc.server.xml in your ant.properties.

- *.inc: (Java Server Page include files)
  Change "Message" and "Warning" messages to be based on java framework
  style blue or red boxes with an icon.  The grey wasn't visible.

- All *registration*.jsp, and *forgotPassword*.jsp:
  modified to use button-class from style sheet and introduced
  consistent class="plain" and or class="plaintxt"

- Changed "Cancel" to be a real button that submits to a form and
  perform the cancellation through the Action class passing true.

- All static fields withing Main National Damage Reporting field created
  as keys in Messages.properties and then referenced as java bean
  message keys inside the JSP presentation layer.

- Tier I & II functionality removed from the Registration process

- All email interaction on behalf of the National Damage Reporting
  software application has been modified to be CGA specific.

- Oracle DDL (Data Definition Language) adjustments are mostly complete
  to accomodate National Reporting per project summary.
** Currently in development (Most should make it into Build 5) **
- Retro work started on Main Damage Reporting Form as per project summary.

- Retro work started on Query Wizard module to adjust email based reporting.

- File Upload Specification
    -> as well as User Interface work on Upload screens including
       addition of styles and classes.

- User Interface work on Damage Reporting Main form
    -> Removal of 'Notification and Locating' area in application and
       database as well as additions of style sheet classes.

- User Interface work on Main Reporting screen

- Adjustments and UI work on Admin Verification screens

- Edit Profile functionality (off Main Menu) to be built

- Change Password functionality (off Main Menu) to be built.

- Email server to be configured on cga-dirt.com slice of
  uncc business complex server.  This is to replace mailings
  currently being mailed from uncc's mail.uncc.org mail server.

Build 3 of Version 2.2 on December 23, 2002 - CGA National Damage Reporting

- https://www.cga-dirt.com is Alive!
Please note that the IP based URL will no longer be used. In addition, the National Damage Reporting Site can be referenced by cga-dirt.com (excluding the preceding www). The site is currently running a self-signed security certificate.
- Much server work was completed to accomodate the above, including
  the transfer from the old IP based area.  cga-dirt.com is housed
  on UNCC's Business Complex server which is redundant and mirrored.

- Login screen text changed to reflect the wording requested by CGA.
  Also, some things were modified so that rendering could be accomodated
  on various browsers.  This should take care of the situation where
  Internet Explorer 6 users were seeing text jammed up against the
  tables containing text areas for email address and password.  The
  browser should also be able to be sized and the text will float and
  adjust as needed.  The fix was tested on MacOSx, Windows, Linux -
  all running IE, Netscape 7.0/6.2, and Mozilla 1.2.  We'll cross our
  fingers and hopes it looks better for you all.

- Decision by developers to roll-back the "Maroon" color.  It became
  very difficult to work with when embedding hyperlinks for Main Menu
  and Log Out - as pointed out by Mike Shallow.  The new color coordinates
  with the globe in the CGA Logo.

- CGA logo resized to be under 30k in size both for loading and look.
  It was also moved to the left hand side of the screen.

- User Interface work started on Registration screens and reflects throughout
  Build 3. Screen 1 of the 3 part Registration process is now complete.
  UI work will continue for the remainder of the application into Build 4.

- Log Out functionality has been moved out of the previous location
  and inserted into area that seems easier to find - per feedback.

- Work continues on the main Damage Report form as there are many database
  schema (table and column) adjustments to be made to the dynamic pull-down
  menus.  There are all database driven.  It is probable that a bulky part
  of the back-end changes will be done towards the end of the week.
  State to County mapping will also begin soon.

Build 2 of Version 2.2 on December 16, 2002 - CGA National Damage Reporting

Temporary URL:

- Completed successful implementation of revised File Upload a.k.a
  Automated Data Loader

  The Automated Data Loader has been re-written to accomodate massive uploads
  on a national level.  The revised ADL now completes delimited file parsing
  on-the-fly while the request is submitted and displays errors back to the
  user immediately.  Testing seems to prove an approximate 7 second upload
  and completion for 3500+ rows of data.  The back-end server processing
  code was the focal point of this task.  The User Interface "Look and Feel"
  will rollover into software iteration 3.

- Presentation layer work was completed on the login screen to retrofit
  CGA's color schema and logo.  Most static text is relayed to the presentation
  through the Struts Java framework in the form of "message-keys".
  Modifications to UNCC's previous Cascade Style Sheet was also completed.
  Much more presentation layer work will be completed for iteration 3.

- DNS requests for www.cga-dirt.com are in place

- Pilot Feedback Link available throughout the application

Build 1 of Version 2.2 on December 9, 2002 - CGA National Damage Reporting

Temporary URL:

Login Screen
- login by email address and password
- registration link
- password request link
- release notes link (but no release notes for version 2.2)
- error message display (enter xxxx for email address and password)
- informative messages display (e.g., go to
- lock-out after configurable number of tries (current max: 5)

Registration - 3-step Screens
- 1/3: email address, password, security verification info
- 2/3: choose existing company or request a new one by name
- 3/3: personal and contact information
- success page
- error message display

Password Request - 3-step Screens
- 1/3: email address and security info (birthday, animal, color)
- 2/3: type in verification code that was emailed to user,
  ensures that they "are who they say they are" and not just a
  good guesser.
- 3/3: enter a new password
- lock-out after configurable number of tries at security
  info (current max: 5)
- error mesage display

Release Notes:
- currently blank for UNCC vers. 2.2
- what are we going to use for a version numbering scheme?

Main Menu:
- damage report link
- reports link
- verify link (only if user has VERIFIER role)
- log out link
- the remaining links are not hooked up and show errors right now

Damage Report Screen
- feature-complete
- error messages display on validation errors
- success page when form is complete and data saved to database

Reports Screen
- feature-complete
- users with REPORT_ADMIN will see a form that allows other
  user's data to be shown by entering their email address
- paging through results
- NOTE: Query Wizard link is currently non-functional

Verify Screen
- Company Approval screen
  . correct company name, phone number
  . OR indicate that company is a duplicate by choosing
    existing company
  . OR delete the company and its registrant if information
    entered is bogus
- Registrant Approval screen
  . correct registration & contact info
  . add roles
  . OR delete this registrant

Log Out link
- sends user to login screen

File Upload, Edit Profile, Change Password
- current in-process